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Johto Route 43 is a route between Lake of Rage and Mahogany Town. You must take this Route to find and fight the Shiny Gyarados to find the Red Scale and Lance.


This route has two paths. The path that has the gate will require the player to pay some Rocket Grunts as a sign of a highway toll. The other path features a few trainers and patches of grass.

The first of the two paths is the one on the right, which takes the player through the gate. After passing through and ending up on the other side, there is a straight path north that curves slightly left before opening up and allowing the player to travel straight to the Lake of Rage.

The second path, at the left, features various coverage of patches of grass, as well as a few Trainers. While on the path, the player can use Surf to reach an upper part of the route that is not otherwise able to be reached except on a trip back from the Lake of Rage, which takes a path north around the lake. It is on this path, on the north side of the Lake of Rage, where the player can meet Wesley on Wednesdays if they have a Pokémon that is capable of using Cut to remove trees.


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