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Like other regions, the Johto region has its own set of eight gyms (the other eight from the Kanto Region can be accessed later on) that trainers can battle to get badges and to be able to face the Elite Four. The Johto Gym Leaders are Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce, and Clair. The Olivine City Gym is the only Gym where other trainers won't battle you.

1st Gym - Violet City

Pokémon Level
Pidgey Lv. 9
Pidgeotto Lv. 13

2nd Gym - Azalea Town

Pokémon Level
Metapod Lv. 15
Kakuna Lv. 15
Scyther Lv. 17

3rd Gym - Goldenrod City

Pokémon Level
Clefairy Lv. 17
Miltank Lv. 19

4th Gym - Ecruteak City

Pokémon Level
Gastly Lv. 21
Haunter Lv. 21
Haunter Lv. 23
Gengar Lv. 25

5th Gym - Cianwood City

  • Gym Leader: Chuck

    Cianwood City Gym.

  • Specialty Type: Fighting
  • How to access: accessible after you arrive.
  • Rewards: Storm Badge, TM01, can now use HM02 (Fly)
Pokémon Level
Primeape Lv. 29
Poliwrath Lv. 31

6th Gym - Olivine City

Pokémon Level
Magnemite Lv. 30
Magnemite Lv. 30
Steelix Lv. 35

7th Gym - Mahogany Town

Pokémon Level
Seel Lv. 30
Dewgong Lv. 32
Piloswine Lv. 34

8th Gym - Blackthorn City

Pokémon Level
Dragonair Lv. 38
Dragonair Lv. 38
Gyarados Lv. 38
Kingdra Lv. 41
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