This Delcatty, nicknamed Johnny, is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Dr. Abby.


Abby is a former Pokémon Coordinator that won the Grand Festival on her first and only year with the help of her Skitty, Johnny. Later on, she met Dr. Moss, who treated Johnny following a Flygon attack. Abby was inspired to become as great a doctor as he was, and was one day awarded a Moon Stone by him for her breakthroughs in Pokémon massage therapy, evolving Johnny into a Delcatty.

After explaining her past, Dr. Abby let the heroes see her Delcatty, Johnny. Once Team Rocket, in disguise, arrived to "heal Meowth", Meowth accidentally spoke some words, so they captured Delcatty and Skitty. However, Johnny started tackling the balloon and use Solar Beam on it, which fell down and freed Skitty and Johnny. Once the heroes arrived, Seviper tried to attack Johnny, who evaded the former's attack and used Safeguard. Using Thunderbolt, Johnny electrocuted Seviper and hit Cacnea with Solar Beam. To teach Skitty a new move, Johnny used Blizzard, which froze James' Cacnea. Skitty failed in its first attempt, while Johnny used Thunderbolt on Seviper. Fortunately, after Skitty succeeded in using Blizzard on Seviper, both Johnny and Skitty used the same attack, and followed with Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Team Rocket blasted off.

Once the heroes arrived in Verdanturf Town, May practiced for her next Contest and remembered the trick Dr. Abby and Johnny, the former showing a trick for Skitty to juggle the balls using her tail.

Known moves

  • Using Double Slap
  • Using Solar Beam
  • Using Iron Tail

  • Using Solar Beam
  • Using Thunderbolt
  • Using Safeguard
  • Using Blizzard

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