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Jinny is a character appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Jinny owns a Feebas named Feeby which was the subject of a schoolyard argument of whether the Pokémon was cute or not. While Ash and Goh defended Jinny and her Feebas, many other kids did not believe in Feeby's potential. With the bullies later being scared away by Goh's Raboot, Jinny and Feeby visited Cerise Park and trained for the upcoming Friendship Festival by swimming together.

After their training, Jinny and Feeby headed for Slateport City to partake in the Friendship Festival. However, in the middle of their act, Team Rocket showed up and stole the surrounding Trainer's Pokémon . During the raid, Jinny attempted to protect her Feebas before it evolved into Milotic, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Because of the evolution and Jinny's performance, she received a special award. Seeing Feeby's new evolution and Jinny's strong bond with her Pokémon, the bullies from earlier apologized and played with Jinny and her Milotic.


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