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For the variant appearing in the games, see Ethan.

Jimmy is a character appearing in the Pokémon the Series.


Jimmy's appearance is based on Ethan's original look in the games. He has grey eyes, fair skin and black hair. His clothes consist of a mustard yellow and black backwards cap, a red and white hoodie, a black shirt underneath, and yellow shorts with black sides. On the right side of his hoodie, Ethan sports a Poké Ball holster. His footwear consists of sneakers (coloured red, white, black, and yellow) paired with short red socks. To carry his items, he hefts around a bulky backpack, which is typically shown to as white with a red Poké Ball design on the front pocket.


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The Legend of Thunder

Jimmy battled a Trainer named Shinji, using his Typhlosion against Hitmonlee. Despite the latter dealing strong blows, he was defeated by Typhlosion's Flamethrower. The boys exchanged their Pokégear numbers before departing. Jimmy went to the Pokémon Center to have Typhlosion healed. He decided to rest a bit and groom Typhlosion, since the next town was quite far away. Jimmy suddenly noticed Marina talking with Vincent over the phone. When Marina found out that Jimmy was there, she stopped talking to Vincent, wanting to talk to her crush instead. Their conversation started amicably, beginning with them talking about their journeys. Marina asked Jimmy for his Pokégear number, to which Jimmy didn't want to share, since he was not the type to be calling other people.

Marina, however, took Jimmy's indifference as a result, since she dressed herself up as a supermodel. Still, he noticed she wanted to become an actress. Marina offered to recite a poem, but Jimmy refused. It made Marina think Jimmy had a crush on her, but he refused to admit that. Still, Marina reminded the importance of training for her performance, to keep people and Pokémon happy. Jimmy, however, wanted to grow stronger to teach kids back home how to become a Pokémon Trainer, to which Marina believed he had to become stronger than even Lance, the Champion. She showed him a notebook depicting Lance, wanting to work together with him to become famous. Jimmy reminded that being a star and a Trainer were two different goals.

Marina doubted that, and to back up her claim, she challenged him to a battle. During their battle, Marina's Misdreavus got spooked by a stray lightning bolt and fled into the nearby forest. When Jimmy chased her, he found out that criminals from Team Rocket, named Attila and Hun, were trying to capture the legendary Pokémon Raikou, to which previously they didn't believe it to be real. To prevent them from catching Raikou, Jimmy sent Typhlosion to defend it.[1] Marina supported Jimmy, as she sent Little Miss to attack with Psybeam. As Little Miss used Perish Song, Marina went to tend to her, due to that being a recoil move. As Team Rocket dispersed, Jimmy and Marina took Raikou to the Pokémon Center.

Later, Marina visited Jimmy, who was sad about Raikou's critical condition. Marina stated that life was too short to be gloomy, and gave him a drink. Jimmy explained that Raikou was recovering, while Marina complemented him and Typhlosion for looking cool during the battle. Suddenly, Eusine arrived, fascinated to witness Raikou. Marina became fascinated by Eusine, who pointed out that Raikou could've hurt Jimmy, as it didn't trust humans. However, Jimmy felt that it could recognize its allies and enemies. The next day, Raikou escaped from the center, nearly attacking Jimmy, who reminded it had not fully recovered yet. To catch up with it, Marina and Jimmy went with Eusine into the latter's car, finding Raikou to be attacked by Team Rocket once more.

As Team Rocket ignored Jimmy and Marina, the two sent their Pokémon out to battle, until Steelix went to use Rock Throw on them. In that moment, Vincent arrived, having his Meganium use Solar Beam to shatter the rocks. Due to Raikou's energy being absorbed by a crystal, the three had their Pokémon strike the crystal. However, the crystal shell was destroyed, causing Raikou to be landed on Marina. Team Rocket grabbed the opportunity to kidnap both of them. Jimmy became frustrated that the enemy had captured Raikou.[2]

Vincent started to panic about Marina's disappearance, even after Jimmy tried to calm him down. To rescue Marina, Jimmy asked of Vincent to call her through the Pokégear. Marina received the call, but was pushed away by Attila. Vincent swore he would defeat them soon, but Attila shouted through the Pokégear before smashing it. Despite this, Vincent, Jimmy and Eusine managed to find Marina's location, and took Eusine's car to reach that location, using Jimmy's Beedrill to find Marina's whereabouts. Upon encountering Hun and Attila again, Vincent became furious, but was held down by Jimmy, as they asked of the enemy to release Raikou and Marina. As Raikou reappeared, Jimmy's Beedrill went to rescue Marina, but was hit by Attila's Skarmory. Vincent managed to easen her fall, and was annoyed that she only praised Jimmy about it.

Despite their warnings, Raikou remained to battle Team Rocket, making Jimmy think it wanted to repay them because they helped it escape earlier. Since Team Rocket used a giant crystal to absorb Raikou's energy, Jimmy, Marina and Vincent sent their Pokémon out to weaken it. Team Rocket sent their Pokémon to battle the Trainers, nearly even hitting them, until Raikou used its electricity to distract Steelix and Skarmory. The crystal was weakened enough for Raikou to destroy it and release itself, causing Team Rocket to flee. Vincent, Jimmy and Marina turned to Raikou, thanking it for rescuing them, who fled into the wilderness. Jimmy swore never to forget Raikou.[3]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Jimmy, along with Marina, Jackson and their Pokémon, watched Diantha and Lance's Masters 8 match on a television.[4]


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