This Blastoise is a water-type Pokémon owned by Jimmy.


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Blastoise was Jimmy's starter Pokémon, who he obtained as a Squirtle. When Jimmy was in the Cerulean Gym, Wartortle, along with Ivysaur and Charmeleon, helped Jimmy clean up the Gym, which earned him the Cascade Badge. While on Bomba Island, it helped Jimmy in his jobs at the Pokémon Battle Judges Training Institute.

In Judgment Day!, Wartortle was caught by Team Rocket and tried breaking itself free from the mecha's prison Poké Ball-shaped capsules. When Jimmy held onto the mecha to rescue Wartortle, Team Rocket swatted Jimmy off of it and Wartortle, seeing Jimmy being beaten up by them, evolved into Blastoise. Due to its massive size, it broke itself free. With its newfound power, Blastoise easily defeated Team Rocket and sent them blasting off

Known moves

  • Using Hydro Pump


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