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This Jigglypuff is a Normal/Fairy-type Pokémon that made its debut in The Song Of Jigglypuff. It continued to make an appearance throughout Ash Ketchum's journey up to Hoenn. After that, it returned to Kanto before ending up in Alola.


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The Beginning series[]

Misty attempted to catch it. When she failed, Brock noticed that Jigglypuff had a throat issue. The group later helped Jigglypuff regain its singing capabilities. Upon singing to the group, it became annoyed when they fell asleep. It rummaged through Ash's bag and found a marker, which is used to draw markings on their faces. Jigglypuff would later keep this marker to use as a "microphone" of sorts when it sings.[1]

Jigglypuff later sang for the citizens of Neon Town. When they fell asleep upon hearing its song, it became annoyed and drew markings on everyone who attended. Despite being annoyed, Jigglypuff drastically changed the whole town, as everyone became significantly nicer to each other after the concert. It disappeared, but was shown to be following Ash and his group all the way to Hoenn

Ruby & Sapphire series[]

Jigglypuff found a Whismur that listened to the song all the way through, though its friendship with Whismur had ended rather abruptly when the Whisper Pokémon fainted from exhaustion.

Sun & Moon series[]

Jigglypuff later made a reappearance in Alola, Kanto!, where it returned to Kanto. It emerged from the destroyed Meowth robot, where it proceeded to sing to the group, causing everyone to fall asleep. As punishment, it drew markings on their faces. In When Regions Collide!, Jigglypuff was shown to be on the plane carrying the group back to Alola.

On the next few days after the birth of a Cosmog nicknamed Nebby during Pokémon School class in Now You See Them, Now You Don't!, Jigglypuff was shown to be singing at an Alolan karaoke when Nebby teleported Sophocles temporarily before returning to the school, then both Ash and Pikachu, alongside Nebby fell asleep because of Jigglypuff's sleeping song, and ended up having doodles drawn on their faces before Nebby teleported them to another location.

Jigglypuff later had a singing contest against Samson's Komala, and lost. It had its faced doodled on by Komala, and was delighted by it. It later petted Komala lovingly before floating away. Before it floated to the Pokémon School where it met its match Komala, it passed by singing in front of Team Rocket who were grabbed by Bewear at Melemele Island’s forest, with Jigglypuff's doodle on Bewear's face, she is by far scarier compared to its other victims that had been doodled on.

Later, Jigglypuff was revealed to be singing in front Grandpa Forest, who also fell into its victim by its sleeping song and face doodling.

It reappeared in the Pikachu short airing along with the 15th Pokémon movie.

Known moves[]


  • Any time Jigglypuff appears, Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket immediately freak out; this goes for other Jigglypuff as well, only to discover they don't have the sleeping effect in relief.