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This Morpeko is an Electric/Dark-type Pokémon appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. It followed the Team Rocket trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth around with the hopes of eating their food. It was later caught by James in "Take My Thief! Please!".


Like Iris' Emolga and Goh's Greedent prior to being captured by James, Morpeko is extremely gluttonous and is similar to Greedent in terms of eating large amounts of food. Morpeko has split personalities within its two forms. In its Full Belly Mode, they are a lovable Pokémon who loves to eat food and enjoys stealing the Team Rocket trio's food as well as their reserves, resulting in them becoming overwhelmed from being hungry. In "Take My Thief! Please!", it finally showed its love to James after being captured. In its Hangry Mode however, it continues to become malicious and angry if Team Rocket or any other source does not give it food and its overly demanding nature causes it to attack everyone upon sight, usually using its signature Aura Wheel move to send Team Rocket or others flying through the air.


Morpeko first appeared in its Full Belly Mode in the Galar Region when Team Rocket trio Jessie, James, and Meowth found it eating their food. Jessie threw an empty can at it, but it dodged and ran away, and the can accidentally hit a camouflaged Sobble. Later that same day, after the Team Rocket trio had been defeated by Ash and Goh, Morpeko returned and asked for more food. When the trio rejected it and told it to scram, it transformed into Hangry Mode and used its Aura Wheel attack to send them blasting off.[1]

It was next seen in Hangry Mode at the Team Rocket Trio's secret base under Vermilion City, having somehow made its way to the Kanto Region. It had presumably followed Team Rocket all the way back from Galar. It proceeded to eat all of Team Rocket's food again before disappearing. It was later seen again in its Hangry Mode by Team Rocket, eating the honey off of one of the trees that Ash, Goh, and Kricketina had lathered honey on in hopes of attracting a Pinsir. Team Rocket was starving and were afraid that Morpeko would steal from them again. When Morpeko finished the honey, it reverted to Full Belly Mode.[2]

Due to Morpeko constantly eating the food gathered by Team Rocket, they eventually schemed a plan to release Morpeko into the wild. James was tasked with releasing Morpeko in Vermilion City, though he would often run into Morpeko's hungry personality and would use it to his advantage to distract Morpeko with food. It would eventually end up in the Cerise Laboratory park after sneaking into a bag of Pokémon food. In the park, its Hangry Mode would come out often and it would eat the other Pokémon's food, especially that of Goh's Greedent and Drizzile, though the later did not mind Morpeko's gluttonous nature. Morpeko was eventually reunited with Team Rocket after running into them while they were stealing food and Pokémon, thinking they had finally freed themselves of the gluttonous Pokémon. Despite their efforts, they blasted off into a forest where James later confronted Morpeko after it ate and caught it.[3]

Known moves


  • Morpeko is the first Pokémon that is a member of the Pikachu-family to be officially owned by Team Rocket. It is also the first Electric-type Pokémon to be owned by Team Rocket.
  • Morpeko is the only Electric-type Pokémon owned by James.
  • Morpeko is the first of James's Pokémon to use its Ability.
  • It took 42 episodes from Morpeko's debut to its capture, the longest of any of Team Rocket's Pokémon.
  • Morpeko is the first recurring wild Pokémon caught by James.
  • Morpeko is James's first capture since he caught his Mareanie in "The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!", during Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.



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