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|caughtwhere = [[Melemele Island]]
|caughtwhere = [[Melemele Island]]
|location = With James}}
|location = With James}}
This '''Mareanie''' is a {{type|Poison}}/{{type|Water}}-type Pokémon and the first Pokémon [[James]] from [[Team Rocket]] obtained in the [[Alola]] region.
This '''Mareanie''' is a {{type|Poison}}/{{type|Water}}-type Pokémon. She is the first Pokémon [[James]] from [[Team Rocket]] obtained in the [[Alola]] region.

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This Mareanie is a Poison/Water-type Pokémon. She is the first Pokémon James from Team Rocket obtained in the Alola region.


When Mareanie sees James' purple face after he gets poisoned by her, she has a strong affection on him, even blushing red. Also, she likes to grab his head using its tentacles.

During Professor Burnet and Professor Kukui's wedding, Mareanie has been dreaming about marrying James as well.

She is very jealous of other Pokémon, whom she think one of them are females and trying win over James’ heart, causing James’ Pokemon capturing messed up. She was originally in love with a male Mareanie (later evolved as Toxapex in the present), until she thinks he dumbed for another female Mareanie, displaying her hatred toward her ex-boyfriend.


Sometimes in the past, the Mareanie was attacked by a Tentacruel, until a male Mareanie, whose is much older than saved her life as she fell in love with him. Unfortunately, Mareanie’s love for the male Mareanie did not last long, thinking that he dumbed her for another female Mareanie. Heartbroken, Mareanie would never love the male Mareanie ever again.

Mareanie first appeared attacking James because she wanted to eat his Corsola-shaped helmet, but later felt disappointed when she found out that it was only a helmet. After Jessie, who was attacked by her tentacles, gave James a push, she poisoned him, causing him to look like another kind of her species. Thus she blushed and started to chase him, much to his dismay. However, she later helped Team Rocket and she was so strong that she managed to poison Ash's Rowlet.

By the time she was encountered again by the male Mareanie, she keeps rejecting his advances. Upon seeing her affection towards her Trainer James, the male Mareanie attacks him with Spike Cannon as it suddenly evolves into a male Toxapex and manages to poison him. Mareanie scolds him for what he had done causing it to ran away.

Mareanie became depressed when her Trainer is poisoned by a male Toxapex and decides to leave Bewear's den and briefly stays at Professor Kukui's house where he, Ash and his wife lived. Mareanie remembers the good times with James and finally decided to get back. As she is about to get back, she was soon attacked by a wild Tentacruel but James rescues her. She later watched her Trainer battles with Toxapex and Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet and became impressed to see their battle is a draw. She thanked her Trainer for protecting her and Toxapex from a wild Tentacruel, and Toxapex gives him the Corsola horn due to his affection with Mareanie causing James to run away while being chased by both Mareanie and Toxapex.

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
James Mareanie Spike Cannon
Spike Cannon The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!
Sludge Bomb The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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  • Like Victreebel, Cacnea, Carnivine and Chimecho, Mareanie is the fourth Pokémon that shows affections for James.
  • Mareanie is the first Water-type Pokémon that James officially keeps on his team.
  • Mareanie is the second Pokémon James has owned that shows affection to him and is not a Grass-type. The first one being Chimecho which is a Psychic-type.


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