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The Jaboca Berry is a Berry introduced in Generation IV.


In-Battle Effect

If the holder is hit by a physical attack, the Jaboca Berry is consumed and the attacker takes damage equal to ⅛ of its maximum HP.

If Pluck is used on a Pokémon holding a Jaboca Berry, the Berry is activated and consumed before the attacker steals the Berry.

Berry Information

Generation IV
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
96 Hours 24 Minimum: 1
Maximum: 5
Image Tag Description
Tag IV Jaboca Berry Sprite.png The cluster of drupelets that make up this Berry pop rhythmically if the Berry is handled roughly.
Poffin Level and Flavor (When Cooked Alone)
Level ≤38; Bitter-Sour Flavor
Generation VI (XY)
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
72 Hours 12 Minimum: 1
Maximum: 5
Berry Fields Pest
415.png Combee
Juice Shoppe Group
Generation VI (ORAS)
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
48 Hours 12 Minimum: 1
Maximum: 13
Color Pokéblock+ Rate
Yellow High
Generation VII
Growth Time Yield
72 Hours
(54 + 6 + 8 + 4)
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 7
Associated Festival Plaza Dye None
Generation VIII (SWSH)
Artwork Curry Description
Curry Jaboca Berry Sprite.png A very rare Berry. It needs to be handled carefully—otherwise its bitter drupelets will pop.
Berry Flavor Values Curry Flavor
(When Cooked Alone)
Bitter 6, Sour 1 Bitter
Generation VIII (BDSP)
The Jaboca Berry has no data in BDSP.


Games Description
DPPt A Poffin ingredient. If held by a Pokémon and if a foe's physical attack lands, the foe also takes damage.
HGSS If held by a Pokémon and a foe's physical attack lands, the foe also takes damage.
BWB2W2 If held by a Pokémon and a physical attack lands, the attacker takes damage.
A Berry to be consumed by Pokémon. If a physical attack hits the Pokémon holding it, the attacker will also be hurt.


Games Location
SWSHCT Giant's Bed (shaking Berry Trees)
BDSP Stratospheric Room (after defeating Rayquaza)


Games Location
DP Held by Tanabata 2008 Jirachi
DPPtHGSS Held by 13th Movie Celebi
SMUSUM Pokémon Global Link gift
SWSH Max Raid Battles (Wild Area News - Get Cheeky with Skwovet): Against Skwovet and Greedent



In "The Guardian's Challenge!", a Jaboca Berry was included in the lunch Mallow made for her classmates' Pokémon.


The Jaboca Berry is based on a bunch of grapes while its name appears to come from the jaboticaba fruit. The jaboticaba is also known to grow in clusters around its tree's trunk.