J's henchmen are a group of men who work for the Pokémon Hunter J.


Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

They first appeared in "Mutiny on the Bounty" where they help J steal a Trainer's Gardevoir. After they escaped Ash tried to stop them only to have his Pikachu and Meowth stolen as well. Ash and Team Rocket snuck aboard J's airship to rescue they're pokemon. After they were reunited, J's henchmen had them cornered. But J ejected them from the airship. After being safely teleported to the ground by Gardevoir, Officer Jenny arrested the henchmen while J got away.


On hand

J Henchmen Golbat
Golbat *

J Henchmen Crobat
Crobat (3x) *

J henchmen Sharpedo
Sharpedo (4x) *

J Henchmen Skarmory
Skarmory (multiple) *

J henchmen Metang
Metang (multiple) *


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