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Iron Island is an island in Sinnoh. The only way to get here is by boat from Canalave City. On the B2F, there is a man named Riley (Sinnoh)|Riley]] who trains on Iron Island with his Lucario. He joins the player to travel throughout Iron Island. After meeting Riley, two Galactic Grunts will block the exit. They challenge the player and Riley to a double battle but are defeated. They eventually retreat, Riley then rewards the player with an egg containing a Riolu. To get to B2F, you need to head on the right stairs at the start of the cavern. Then go up the first stairs on the left carry on the round. Then after defeating the picnicker, go around him and head up the stairs that lead to a lift step on it to go to B2F.

Riley's Lucario

Lv. 34 (DP)/ Lv 41 (Pt) Moves:


Iron Island was first mentioned in Jumping Rocket Ship! where Barry decided to do some training. From Sleepless In Pre-Battle! to A Breed Stampede!, Byron was digging fossils on the as a form of special training.

The island made its main appearance in Steeling Peace of Mind! where the local Steel-types were being negatively affected by Team Galactic's scheme involving ancient ruins. In the following episode, Team Galactic attempted to blow up the island with several explosives, but were thwarted by Riley and Lucario using their Aura to contain the explosions and save the island.

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