Iron Fist (てつのこぶし Fist of Iron) is an ability.


The user's Pokémon receives a 20% power boost for the following attacks.

Move Type
Bullet Punch Type Steel
Comet Punch Type Normal
Dizzy Punch Type Normal
Double Iron Bash Type Steel
Drain Punch Type Fighting
DynamicPunch Type Fighting
Fire Punch Type Fire
Focus Punch Type Fighting
Hammer Arm Type Fighting
Ice Punch Type Ice
Mach Punch Type Fighting
Mega Punch Type Normal
Meteor Mash Type Steel
Shadow Punch Type Ghost
Sky Uppercut Type Fighting
Thunder Punch Type Electric

Sucker Punch, which is known as Ambush in Japan, is not boosted. Its name is possibly based on a conditioning in Chinese Kung-Fu called 'iron palm' where the practitioner essentially forms calluses on their hands to increase damage done by punches and any other strikes with the hand.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#107 Hitmonchan 107 Type Fighting
#622 Golett 622 Type GroundType Ghost
#632 Golurk 623 Type GroundType Ghost
#674 Pancham 674 Type Fighting
#675 Pangoro 675 Type FightingType Dark
#809 Melmetal 809 Type Steel


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#166 Ledian 166 Type BugType Flying
#390 Chimchar 390 Type Fire
#391 Monferno 391 Type FireType Fighting
#392 Infernape 392 Type FireType Fighting
#532 Timburr 532 Type Fighting
#533 Gurdurr 533 Type Fighting
#534 Conkeldurr 534 Type Fighting


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