For the other variants of Haxorus belonging to Iris, see Iris' Haxorus.

This Haxorus is a dragon-type Pokémon owned by Iris.


As Fraxure

Fraxure accompanied Iris, who went to warn Burgh that a challenger was waiting at his Gym.[1] When she found Bianca lying unconscious on the street, Iris had Fraxure carry her to the Gym, where she showed another attack to Burgh, who was accompanied by Black and White. The group went to the building opposite to the Gym, where they found Bianca's attackers: Team Plasma.[2]

B&W039 3

Fraxure being battered away by Drayden's Druddigon with its Dragon Tail attack.

To prove to Black she was strong, Iris and her Fraxure battled Drayden and his Druddigon. Druddigon used Dragon Tail which easily defeated Fraxure.[3] Fraxure accompanied Iris, as she followed Black around from Icirrus City.[4][5][6]

Iris sent Fraxure to battle Gray's Cryogonal. Cryogonal emitted an icy chain to bind Fraxure and tighten it. Fraxure simply used its fangs to crush the icy chain and dragged Cryogonal away. Cryogonal separated itself from the chain, to which Fraxure used Rock Tomb to inflict heavy damage. Cryogonal went to use Ice Beam, but Fraxure was faster in defeating it with Rock Smash.[7] Iris sent Fraxure to battle Black's Brav, using Iron Tail against him. Brav suffered a lot of damage, and as it went to retaliate with Brave Bird. Fraxure stopped the attack, blocking it, all to increase its experience to evolve into a Haxorus.[8]

As Haxorus

B&W056 9

Haxoru being hit by Black's Costa's Ice Beam.

Since Brav had no choice to stand against Haxorus, Black swapped it with Tula, which Iris called Haxorus and sent Druddigon. Later, Iris sent her Haxorus back into the fight to confront Black's Costa. Costa started deflecting Haxorus' attacks, before Haxorus grasped it. However, Costa bit Haxorus' tusk and fired Ice Beam, which froze and defeated Haxorus.[8]

Iris' Haxorus, Alder's Bouffalant and Gorm's Cofagrigus broke through a path in the White Forest for their trainers to cross through.[9] Iris, Black and White went to confront Kyurem, and Iris had Haxorus battle the latter.[10]

Known moves

  • Using Rock Tomb
  • Using Rock Smash
  • Using Iron Tail



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