This Greninja is a water/dark-type Pokémon owned by Ippei.


Greninja first appeared in an image with its trainer when Sanpei was talking about his brothers. Greninja was later used when Ninja Village was under attack of Kagetomo's army. Ippei ordered Greninja to use Water Shuriken on Skarmory but Skarmory however dodged the attack.

Ippei later used his Greninja to battle Kagetomo and his Weavile. Greninja used Night Slash which collided many times with Weavile's Shadow Claw. Greninja later used Water Shuriken but Weavile nullified the attack with Icy Wind. Greninja later used Cut but Weavile still countered the attack with Shadow Claw. Weavile then only attacked with its claws which successfully landed on Greninja. Greninja then dodged several Metal Claw and used Double Team while Weavile used Giga Impact. Weavile attacked the decoys with Giga Impact while the real Greninja was underground and attacked Weavile. Greninja delivered the finishing blow to Weavile with Water Shuriken.

Known moves

  • Using Water Shuriken
  • Using Double Team
  • Using Night Slash
  • Using Cut
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