This page lists improvised moves, used by characters' Pokémon in the anime.

Name Description Used by Image
Aerial Ace-Psywave Aerial Ace-Psywave is when Leafeon uses Aerial Ace and Mismagius uses Psywave. The moves form into light blue wings on Leafeon's back. Then Leafeon flies towards the opponent and uses Leaf Blade. Zoey Aerial Ace-Psywave
Air Lens Air Lens is when Magmar uses Fire Punch to heat the air around its arms, which can help repel any Electric-type attacks. Blaine Blaine Magmar Air Lens
Aqua Pulse Aqua Pulse is when Ash's Buizel combines a spinning Aqua Jet with Water Pulse for more power, which resulted in a tie with Maylene's Lucario. Ash Ketchum Ash Buizel Aqua Pulse
Aura Sphere Bubble Beam Aura Sphere Bubble Beam is when Togekiss uses Aura Sphere while flying in the air and Piplup engulfs it with Bubble Beam. Dawn Aura Sphere Bubble Beam
Aura Sphere Climb Aura Sphere Climb is similar to Draco Meteor Climb and Rock Tomb Climb. Pikachu uses Aura Sphere to climb towards the opponent. Ash Ketchum Aura Sphere Climb
Aura Whirpool Aura Whirlpool is when Togekiss uses Aura Sphere and Piplup fuses it with Whirlpool. Dawn Aura Whirlpool
Big Bubble Big Bubble is when Piplup forms a huge bubble in front of its beak and hurls it at the opponent. Dawn Dawn Piplup Big Bubble
Brave Cannon Brave Cannon is when Ash's Rowlet and Meltan Combine their moves Flash Cannon and Brave Bird to form a powerful attack against their enemies Ash Ketchum SM118 21
Bubble Ice Sculpture Bubble Ice Sculpture is when Squirtle uses Bubble in the air, it makes multiple small bubbles then a bigger one. Then Squirtle uses Ice Beam on the smaller bubbles which all pops. Then hits the bigger bubble with Ice Beam, creating a large ice sculpture. May Bubble Ice Sculpture
Bubble Sky Uppercut Bubble Sky Uppercut is when Squirtle uses Bubble to surround May's Combusken. Then Combusken heads towards the opposing Pokémon while using Sky Uppercut. The combination was used during a two-on-two Contest Battle against Drew's Flygon and Absol in the Kanto Grand Festival. May Bubble Sky Uppercut
Bubble-Swift Bubble-Swift is when Piplup jumps on Cyndaquil's back and uses Bubble Beam to create bubble rings in the air. Then Cyndaquil jumps in the middle of the rings and uses Swift which sends both the attacks hurling towards the opponent. The combination was used during a double battle against Johanna's Glameow and her Umbreon. Dawn Bubble-Swift
Corkscrew Poison Jab Corkscrew Poison Jab is when Brock's Croagunk twists its hand and hits the opponent with Poison Jab. Brock Brock Croagunk Corkscrew Poison Jab
Counter Shield The basic idea behind the Counter Shield is that the Pokémon deploying the maneuver is able to attack and defend at the same time. It shields the Pokémon from opposing attacks while simultaneously striking the opponent's Pokémon to inflict damage. To perform a Counter Shield, a Pokémon rotates on its chest or back while using a Special Attack, (Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, etc.). The Pokémon's rapid rotation causes the move to spiral out in all directions, forming a barrier which provides protection from both Physical and Special Attacks. Ash Ketchum
Dawn Plan A Dawn Plan A is when Piplup builds a wall with Bubble Beam. Then Pachirisu uses Super Fang on the wall to get a direct hit to the opponent. Dawn Dawn Plan A
Discharged Tail Dawn Dawn Pachirisu Discharged Tail
Discharged Shield Discharged Shield is when Dawn's Pachirisu uses Discharge as a shield to block attacks. Dawn Dawn Pachirisu Discharged Shield
Discharged Whirlpool Discharged Whirlpool is when Dawn's Piplup uses Whirlpool and launches it in the air. Then Dawn's Pachirisu uses Discharge, creating an electrical whirlpool. Dawn Discharged Whirlpool
Double Team Swift Double Team Swift is when Aipom uses Double Team then uses Swift to form a large golden star. Aipom Double Team Swift
Draco Meteor Climb Draco Meteor Climb is similar to Rock Tomb Climb. Pikachu uses the Draco Meteor to climb towards the opponent. Ash Ash Pikachu Draco Meteor Climb
Dragon Razor Wind Dragon Razor Wind is when Absol uses Razor Wind, Flygon uses Dragon Breath to fuse with it, creating a sphere of white energy with a razor blade in the middle. Drew Dragon Razor Wind
Echolocation Echolocation is when bat-like Pokémon communicate with other Pokémon and is mostly used when detecting something in dark caves or other places. Ash Ketchum Ash Noibat Echolocation
Electric Slam Electric Slam is when Ash's Pikachu gathers electricity from its cheeks and absorbs it to its tail. Then Pikachu slams the opponent with its electrified tail. Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Electric Slam
Electrified Dragon Pulse Electrified Dragon Pulse is when Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Goodra uses Dragon Pulse and fuses with it, creating a purple dragon-shaped energy blast surrounded by electricity. Ash Ketchum Electrified Dragon Pulse
Electrified Iron Tail Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Electrified Iron Tail
Electrified Psycho Cut Electrified Psycho Cut is when Glameow uses Thunderbolt while Gallade is on its tail, Gallade jumps in the air and fires Psycho Cut, creating multiple discs of electricity. Zoey Electrified Psycho Cut
Electrified Take Down Electrified Take Down is when Mamoswine uses Take Down and Pachirisu uses Discharge while riding on its back. Dawn Electrified Take Down
Electro Bolt Electro Bolt is when Ash's Pikachu's uses Electro Ball and then uses Thunderbolt on it increasing its size and power. Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Electro Bolt
Electro Iron Tail Electro Iron Tail is when Ash's Pikachu uses a combination of two attacks: Iron Tail and Electro Ball. Ash Ketchum Ash's Pikachu Electro Iron Tail
Electroweb Shield Electroweb Shield is when Ash's Pikachu use it Electroweb as shield to protect himself and others any of it's opponents attack. Ash Ketchum SM076 18
Electroweb Trampoline Electroweb trampoline is when Ash's Pikachu use it Electroweb as a trampoline in order to protect himself and others from falling. Ash Ketchum SM109 19
Energy Fusion Ball Energy Fusion Ball is when Leafeon uses Energy Ball, Mismagius fuses it with Shock Wave, creating an electrifying meteorite. Zoey Energy Fusion Ball
Enlarged Fuma Shuriken Enlarged Fuma Shuriken is when Ash's Greninja as an Ash-Greninja enlarge the Water Fuma Shuriken on his back it can activate during its double-team attack which would make it a stronger attacks by absorbing the clones. This can also happen during a clash of moves to catch opponents off-guard. Ash
XY128 21
Fire Uppercut May Fire Uppercut
Flame Charge Armor Flame Charge Armor when Ash's Talonflame covered itself and Ash's Frogadier in Flame Charge's flames, Talonflame remains stationary and uses it as a shield from attacks from all directions. Ash Ketchum Ash Talonflame Flame Charge Armor
Flame Ice Flame Ice is when Cyndaquil uses Flame Wheel in the air and Mamoswine uses Ice Shard, creating a huge cube of ice with fire in the middle. Dawn Flame Ice
Flamethrower Skating Flamethrower Skating is when Ash's Chimchar uses a piece of ice as a skateboard or surfboard to gain speed and uses Flamethrower to avoid being counterattacked by Abomasnow's other attacks. Ash Ketchum Flamethrower Skating
Flamethrower Wheel Flamethrower Wheel is when Dawn's Cyndaquil runs ahead and uses Flame Wheel. While Cyndaquil somersaults into the Flame Wheel, Ash's Monferno uses Flamethrower towards Cyndaquil causing more flames and power to gather and a speed boost towards the target. Ash
Flamethrower Wheel
Flaming Seismic Toss Flaming Seismic Toss is a combination of Ash's Charizard's Seismic Toss and Fire Spin along with Clair's Dragonair's Dragon Rage. Ash Ketchum
Ash Charizard Flaming Seismic Toss
Flaming Wheel Swift Flame Wheel Swift is when Cyndaquil forms a ring of stars with Swift, it charges up its Flame Wheel, which causes the attacks to mix into one fiery tornado with stars. Dawn Flame Wheel Swift
Flaming Whirlpool Flaming Whirlpool is when Cyndaquil uses Flame Wheel in the air, Piplup would surround Cyndaquil with Whirlpool, creating a sphere of water with fire inside. Dawn Flaming Whirlpool
Flash Whirlpool Flash Whirlpool is when Floatzel uses Whirlpool and Empoleon uses Flash Cannon on it, create a flashing whirlpool of light. Kenny attempted to use that at the Grand Festival, but ended up knocking out his Floatzel by accident. Kenny Flash Whirlpool
Flashlight Flashlight is when Jessie's Gourgeist its light from the holes on its body to shine. Jessie Jessie Gourgeist flashlight
Focus Ball Focus Ball is when May's Eevee would use Shadow Ball and May's Munchlax would use Focus Punch. The energy from the Focus Punch would fuse with the Shadow Ball and hit the opponent with the power of the Shadow Ball and the Focus Punch. May Focus Ball
Frubble Frubble is when Ash's Froakie reaches into the bubbles on its neck, pulling out handfuls of bubbles and throwing them at its opponents much like an actual attack. Ash Ketchum
Ash Froakie Frubble
Fury Swipes of Love Meowth extends his claws and creates purple or pink hearts with them. Then he slashes the opponent with his claws. Meowth Meowth Fury Swipes of Love
Gust Counterattack Gust Counterattack is a variation of a regular Gust attack when Ash's Pidgeot used it while it was fighting against Jessie's Ekans when it was a Pidgeotto. Ash Ketchum Ash Pidgeotto Gust Counterattack
Haze Sonic Boom Haze Sonic Boom is when Seviper uses Haze in the air, then Yanmega fires a Sonic Boom in the middle of Haze. The moves fuses into a swirling wave of sonic energy with streaks of black smoke. Jessie Haze Sonic Boom
High-Speed Iron Tail High-Speed Iron Tail is when Ash's Pikachu uses the the high momentum gained from bouncing from Electroweb trampoline with Quick Attack to perform a speedy and devasting Iron Tail. Ash Ketchum SM138 23
Hydro Cannon Razor Wind Hydro Cannon Razor Wind is when Empoleon uses Hydro Cannon to power up Flotzel's Aqua Jet. Then Floatzel uses Razor Wind to create multiple water frisbees. Kenny Hydro Canon Razor Wind
Hydro Volt Tackle Hydro Volt Tackle is when Pikachu uses Volt Tackle while Piplup uses Hydro Pump, creating a huge Electric-Water shot and Pikachu charges at the opponent. Ash
Ash Pikachu Dawn Piplup Hydro Volt Tackle
Ice Aqua Jet Ice Aqua Jet is a combination of an Ice Beam along with an Aqua Jet Ash Ketchum
Buizel ice aqua jet
Ice Armor Ice Armor is quite similar to Grotle's Swallowing Energy Ball. Mamoswine uses Ice Shard then swallows it, creating huge spikes of ice on its back and increasing its power. Dawn Dawn Mamoswine Ice Armor
Ice Chandelier Ice Chandelier is when Buneary uses Ice Beam around Pachirisu, trapping it inside an ice ball. Pachirisu uses Discharge inside the ball, creating a glowing chandelier made from ice. Mamoswine also uses Ice Shard to perform this combination. Dawn Ice Chandelier
Ice Field Ice Field is when Viola's Surskit uses Ice Beam to freeze the battlefield, and increase it own speed and mobility, while leaving the opponents unbalanced and therefore limiting their mobility. Viola XY005 10
Ice Pillars Ash Ketchum
Ice Pyramid Ice Pyramid is when Squirtle uses Bubble to form a pyramid, it uses Ice Beam on top, making the pyramid frozen in ice. May Ice Pyramid
Ice Skates Ice Skates is when Greninja's Cut gets frozen, Greninja would jump on the frozen shards of the cut attack and skate across the battlefield. Ash Ketchum Ice Skates
Ice Spin Ice Spin is when Squirtle uses Ice Beam while it is spinning in the air. May May Squirtle Ice Spin
Ice Wheel Slide Ice Wheel Slide is when Buneary uses Ice Beam on the field, creating giant ice sculptures. Then Cyndaquil uses Flame Wheel to slide across the ice sculptures as Buneary follows. Dawn Ice Wheel Slide
Ink Spray Ink Spray is when James' Inkay uses it to blind enemies with its ink. James James Inkay Ink Spray
Juggling Flail Juggling Flail is when Bonsly uses Flail to juggle five baseballs with its head. Brock Brock Bonsly Juggling Flail
Leer (Improvised Move) Leer is when Pikachu would stretch its face and make weird expressions with it to confuse the opponent. Ash Ash Pikachu Leer EP009
Lick-Tickle Combo Lick-Tickle Combo is when Bulbasaur would Lick the opponent and would use Vine Whip to Tickle the to the point of laughing. Ash Ketchum Ash Bulbasaur Lick
Ash Bulbasaur Tickle
Magical Leaf-Psychic Magical Leaf-Psychic is when Leafeon uses Magical Leaf, Kirlia uses Psychic to send the leaves hurling towards the opponent. Zoey Magical Leaf-Psychic
Massive Electro Ball Massive Electro Ball is when Ash's Pikachu absorbed another Pokémon's electric attack and transfers its power to its Electro Ball. Ash Ketchum Ash's Pikachu Massive Electro Ball
Massive Water Fuma Shuriken Massive Water Fuma Shuriken is when Ash-Greninja let's the Water Fuma Shuriken hover above his head, charging it up and surrounding itself in a geyser of water until it becomes a much larger, colossal disc of blazing orange, before hurling it at the enemy and doing much, much greater damage. The most powerful version of the Water Fuma Shuriken. Ash Ketchum Ash Greninja
Mud Bomb-Shock Wave Combo Mud Bomb-Shock Wave is when Shellos fires multiple blobs on mud in the air and Glameow uses Shock Wave to create an electrical zigzag pattern. Zoey DP041 4
Pants Block Pants Block is when Ash's Scraggy lifts its loose skin in front of its body and block any incoming attacks with it. Ash Ketchum BW081
Poison Silver Wind Poison Silver Wind is when Seviper uses Poison Tail and Yanmega hits the tail with Silver Wind, creating purple beams of poison. Jessie Poison Silver Wind
Psychic Blizzard Power-Up Psychic Blizzard Power-Up is when May's Beautifly uses Psychic to power-up Skitty's Blizzard making it faster and powerful. May Psychic Ice Power Up
Psychic Fire Power-Up Psychic Fire Power-Up is when May's Beautifly uses Psychic to power-up her Combusken's Fire Spin, making it faster and powerful. May Psychic Fire Power-Up
Quadruple Combination While Mamoswine uses its Ice Armor technique, Cyndaquil uses Swift to surround the ice spikes on Mamoswine's back. Dawn Quadruple Combination
Rainbow Swift Rainbow Swift is when Ambipom balances with one hand on the floor, it spins around and uses Swift. Then Ambipom spins on its back like a break dance and the stars collide together, creating a rainbow. Dawn Rainbow Swift
Razor Jet Razor Jet is when Ash's Oshawott uses a combination of Razor Shell and Aqua Jet, in which the Razor Shell acts as a lance that adds more damage as Aqua Jet hits its mark. Ash Ketchum Ash Oshawott Razor Jet
Razor Leaf Silver Wind Razor Leaf Silver Wind is when May's Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf and May's Beautifly uses Silver Wind. The two moves combine to land a critical hit on the opponents. May Razor Leaf-Silver Wind
Rock Tomb Climb Rock Tomb Climb is when Froakie uses Onix's Rock Tomb to climb up to the opponent and attack it. Ash Ketchum Rock Tomb Climb
Rocket Punch Rocket Punch is when Pikachu's body glows red and fires one of his boxing gloves at the opponent. Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Rocket Punch
Rowl Launch Rowl Lanuch is when Mallow's Tsareena kick Ash's Rowlet in the air and send him back down to a make powerful attack to cause great damage to their enemies. Mallow Rowlaunch
Scallop Shell Scallop Shell is when Ash's Oshawott uses it for defense against super-effective moves and when using Razor Shell. Ash Oshawottscallopshell
Scary Face Sandstorm Scary Face Sandstorm is when Gabite uses Sandstorm, Flareon jumps into the cyclone and uses Scary Face, creating a terrifying image in the sand Ursula Scary Face Sandstorm
Shadow Ball Barrage Shadow Ball Barrage when Gabite uses dig, Flareon jumps in the hole then pops up behind the opponent. Then Flareon fires a Shadow Ball attack. Gabite can also corner the opponent with Double Team and Flareon fires multiple Shadow Balls which makes it hard for the opponent to escape. Ursula Shadow Ball Barrage
Shadow Ball Fireworks Shadow Ball Fireworks is when Eevee uses Dig to create multiple holes in the ground. Then Eevee fires multiple Shadow Balls to form a circle in the air. Then Eevee fires a Shadow Ball and it hits the circle, creating a firework display. May Shadow Ball Fireworks
Shadow Ball-Swift Shadow Ball-Swift is when Houndoom uses Shadow, it then uses Swift to engulf it. The stars then rotate around the Shadow Ball to make it look like Saturn. Joshua Shadow Ball-Swift
Shadow Claw Blizzard Combo Shadow Claw Blizzard is when Glameow uses Shadow Claw, Shellos uses Blizzard to create an icy shadow claw. Zoey Shadow Claw Blizzard
Shuriken Glide When Ash's Greninja is in its Ash-Greninja form it can use the shuriken that's on its back to glide through the air. Ash Ketchum
Ash's Ash-Greninja
Signal Tail Signal Tail is when Gallade uses Signal Beam, Glameow uses Iron Tail to create a swirling multicolored tornado with its tail. Zoey Signal Tail
Silver String Tornado Silver String Tornado is a combination of String Shot and Silver Wind. When Beautifly uses it, it created a silver tornado and entangled the opponent with String Shot. May Silver String Tornado
Silver Wind Tackle Silver Wind Tackle is when Beautifly charges at the opponent, it uses Silver Wind to create two silver whirlwinds that traps the opponent. Then Beautifly tackles the opponent. May Silver Wind Tackle
Sky Attack Peck Sky Attack Peck is when Togekiss uses Sky Attack while Piplup uses Peck, creating a crimson aura around them, then charge at the opponent with full force. Dawn SkyAttack Peck Combination
Snowflakes Snowflakes is when Kricketune uses Silver Wind, Lopunny spins in a circle and uses Blizzard, causing them to fuse into snowflakes Nando Snowflakes
Spin Spin is when one of Dawn's or Ash's Pokémon spins to dodge the opponent's attack. Ash
DP017 8
Spinning Descent Pound Spinning Descent Pound is when Ash's Treecko spins to triple the striking power of Pound before hitting his target. Ash Ash Treecko Spinning Descent Pound
Spinning Headbutt Spinning Headbutt is when Glalie using Headbutt while spinning. Ash Ash Glalie Spinning Headbutt
Spinning Leaf Blade Spinning Leaf Blade is when Ash's Grovyle jumps in the air, uses Leaf Blade, spins its arms around, flies at full speed and hits the opponent. Ash attempted to use it against Juan's Luvdisc, but failed. Ash Ketchum Spinning Leaf Blade
Spinning Poison Sting Spinning Poison Sting is when Dustox uses Poison Sting in the air. Then Seviper jumps up and uses Poison Tail on them, creating multiple purple spinning darts of poison. Jessie Spinning Poison Sting
Spinning Steel Wing Spinning Steel Wing is when speeding forward with Steel Wing, Ash's Talonflame spins in a manner similar to Drill Peck and hits the opponent. Ash Ash Talonflame Spinning Steel Wing
Spinning Swift Spinning Swift is when Aipom runs around the opponent, it uses Swift which engulfs the opponent with multiple golden stars. Ash Ketchum Ash Aipom Spinning Swift
Spinning X-Scissor Spinning X-Scissor is when Ash's Hawlucha jumps on a wall and flies down while spinning at the same time, using X-Scissor to hit the opponent. Ash Ketchum XY074 19
Spiraling Shadow Claw Spiraling Shadow Claw is when Glameow uses Shadow Claw, purple circles surround the Shadow Claw, creating a dark purple claw-shaped trail with purple circles. Zoey Spiraling Shadow Claw
Stone Edge Daggers Stone Edge Daggers is when Ash's Krokorok grab two of the Stone Edge shards and use them as daggers. Ash's Lyacnroc used the same technique only hold one of the Stone Edge shard in its mouth. Ash Ketchum
String Energy Ball String Energy Ball is when Ash's Leavanny uses String Shot in conjunction with either Energy Ball to not only slow down opponents, but also ensure that the moves hit their mark. Ash Ash Leavanny String-Energy Ball
String Razor Leaf String Razor Leaf is when Ash's Swadloon uses String Shot in conjunction with either Razor Leaf to not only slow down opponents, but also ensure that the moves hit their mark. Ash Ash Swadloon Razor Leaf
String Shot Tackle String Shot Tackle is when Beautifly is charging towards the opponent while using tackle, it uses String Shot to create a swirling string of web. May String Shot Tackle
Super Flare Blitz Super Flare Blitz is when Emboar charges towards the opponent with Flare Blitz, Heatmor uses Fire Spin on Emboar, creating a sphere of blue fire surrounded by red fire. Shamus Super Flare Blitz
Super Flying Cut Super Flying Cut is when Froakie gets on Hawlucha's back, and Hawlucha starts flying. Froakie would jump off of Hawlucha, and use Cut on the target. Then Hawlucha would come down and hit the same target, resulting in major damage. Ash Ketchum Super Flying Cut
Super Pokémon Fireworks Super Pokémon Fireworks is when the Ultra Guardians fuse moves in the air to create a dazzling firework display. It was used to distract Xurkitree and Blacephalon. Ash Ketchum
SM078 14
Swallowing Energy Ball Swallowing Energy Ball is when Ash's Grotle swallows an Energy Ball, and powers up its Grass-type moves. Ash Ash Grotle Swallowing Energy Ball
Sweet Kiss Bubble Beam Sweet Kiss Bubble Beam is when Pachirisu uses Sweet Kiss while Piplup fires Bubble Beam at them, creating floating bubbles with hearts inside. Dawn Sweet Kiss-Bubble Beam
Swift-Ember Swift-Ember is when Flareon uses Swift, it uses Ember to make the stars become outlined in in bright red. Sandra Swift Ember
Swift-Psychic Swift-Psychic is when Espeon uses Swift, it uses Psychic to create light blue rings with floating stars. Then Espeon flies through the rings. Lillian Meridan Lilian Espeon Swift Psychic
Swift-Quick Attack Swift-Quick Attack is when Ash's Aipom uses Swift while spinning in the air while Ash's Pikachu uses Quick Attack in the middle of Aipom's Swift. Ash Ketchum Swift-Quick Attack
Thunder Armor Thunder Armor is when Pikachu uses Thunder on himself while riding on Swellow. Ash Ketchum Thunder Armor
Thunder Battlefield Thunder Battlefield is when Electivire sticks its tails to the ground and uses Thunder, which sends huge rocks flying in the air and hits the opponent. Paul Paul Electivire Thunder Battlefield
Thunder Rings Thunder Rings is when Pikachu uses Quick Attack and combines it with Thunderbolt, creating a large ring of electricity. Then it uses Iron Tail to divide it into three electric rings. Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Thunder Rings
Thunder Tackle Thunder Tackle is when Pikachu uses Volt Tackle while Paul's Electabuzz uses Thunder in its hand while throwing Pikachu at the opponent. Ash Ketchum Ash Pikachu Thunder Tackle
Thunder Whirlpool Thunder Whirlpool is when Piplup uses Whirlpool while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, creating an electrified whirlpool and launching it at the opponent. Ash
Thunder Whirlpool
Tickle (Improvised move) Meowth would tickle his opponents with his paws. Meowth Team Rocket Meowth Tickle
Tongue Scarf When Frogadier evolves into Greninja it's frubble scarf is replaced with a long tongue and with it at full extension it can immobilize opponents or rescue people in danger. Greninja XY121 16
TorraBlast TorraBlast is when Ash's Torracat absorbed the power of Blast Burn, then channel it inside his bell to increase his power. However, it can start to overheat, leaving Torracat to return in order to recover from the side effect. Ash Ketchum Blast Torracat
Ultra Psybolt Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt is when Butterfree charges up enough energy for Psybeam to fire a great amount of power to ultimately deal damage to an obstacle. Ash Ketchum
Underground Flare Blitz Underground Flare Blitz is when Ash's Infernape used Dig, and then while underground used Flare Blitz, causing the entire field to heat up and fire to burst from the ground. Ash Ketchum Underground Flare Blitz
Underground Water Shuriken Underground Water Shuriken is when Ash's Ash-Greninja Water Shuriken on the ground, causing a blast that stops the Blast Burn from the opponent. Ash Ketchum Underground Water Shuriken
Vine Silver Wind Vine Silver Wind is when May's Bulbasaur uses its vines to wrap around the foe's legs, pull the vines and releases its grip on the foe, causing them to spin uncontrollably. May Vine Silver Wind
Volt Tail Volt Tail is when Ash's Pikachu charges at the opponent with Volt Tackle and then combines it with Iron Tail to attack. Ash Ketchum Ash's Pikachu Volt Tail
Water and Fire Whirlwind Water and Fire Whirlwind is when May's Blaziken uses Fire Spin and Squirtle follows up with Bubble. The two moves fuse into a water and fire whirlwind surrounded by sparks which traps the opponents. May Water and Fire Whirlwind
Water Balloon Lana's Popplio creates water balloons through its nose depending on its size. The balloons can hold Pokémon and people inside and can reflect any type of attacks. Lana
Lana Popplio Water Balloon
Water Fuma Shuriken Water Fuma Shuriken is when Ash's Greninja activates the Ash-Greninja form. When Greninja changed form, a huge shuriken of water appears on his back, powering up its Water Shuriken attacks, causing significantly more damage to even the strongest of opponents. Ash Ketchum Water Fuma Shuriken
Water Shuriken Blade Water Shuriken Blade is when Ash's Ash-Greninja use its Water Shuriken as a sword. It is used for closed combat against strong foes and counter any attack from its opponent. Ash Ketchum Water Shuriken Blade
X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision is commonly used in the Shinx evolution line. It is used to detect anything around them. Marble
Clemont Luxray X-ray vision
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