Illusion (イリュージョン Illusion) is an ability exclusive to Zorua and Zoroark, introduced in Generation V.


In-Game Text
Generation V Comes out disguised as the Pokémon in back.
Generation VI Comes out disguised as the Pokémon in the party's last spot.
Generation VII
When the Pokémon enters battle it takes the name and appearance of the last non-fainted
Pokémon in the party. The illusion breaks when an attack does damage on the Pokémon.


Pokédex Pokémon Type Abilities
#570 Zorua
Type Dark.gif Generation V
#571 Zoroark
Green indicates the ability is known naturally
Yellow indicates the ability is only known through the Dream World



  • In nearly every instance this Ability has been used outside the games, it's been portrayed as merely being able to disguise its user as another being, as in the games. However, in the thirteenth movie and its adaptations, Zoroark is able to use Illusion to essentially create holograms.
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