This Eevee is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Ilima. It is his first known Pokémon.


During Ilima's childhood, he and his Eevee became very popular to a group of fangirls. Inadvertently, they caused Tupp to become very jealous of them.[1]

SM065 17

Eevee gets hit by Salandit's Flame Burst.

Ilima used Eevee to battle a trainer, who also used an Eevee. Ilima's Eevee used Swift, defeating the man's Eevee, and Ilima was awarded with a Z-Crystal. After meeting up with Ash and others at the Pokémon School, Ilima and Eevee spent some time by diving into the School's river. Noticing a special Z-Crystal on Ilima's Z-Ring, Ash challenged him to a battle. Just as the battle was to start, Team Skull grunts came to attack Ilima, to have Tupp take his revenge for the thing in the past. However, Ilima and Eevee attracted many of female Team Skull grunts, due to Eevee's cuteness. Eevee used Quick Attacks to evade the enemy's attacks, then used Baby-Doll Eyes. Using Swift, Eevee defeated a lot of Team Skull's Pokémon, but got hit by Tupp's Salandit's Flame Burst. To finish things up, Ilima used the Z-Ring, passing the Z-Power of Eevium-Z. Eevee, joined by its evolved forms, grew in power by using Extreme Evoboost, which powered up its final attack: Last Resort.[1]

Eevee watched and supported Ilima, who participated in the Poké Ping-Pong tournament. At the end of the day, Eevee and Ilima bid farewell to the heroes, as they boarded the ship and sailed away.[2]

SM129 22

Plumeria intending on defeating Ilima.

Ilima sent Eevee to battle during the preliminary round of the Alola Pokémon League, which they passed. Ilima and Eevee encountered many Team Skull grunts, who tried to eliminate Ilima out of the tournament. Ilima, however, had Eevee use Last Restor, which blew the grunts and their Pokémon away. As the Team Skull grunts were defeated by Ilima, Plumeria encountered the latter, and had Salazzle battle his Eevee. Salazzle emitted Sludge Wave, which Eevee evaded with Quick Attack. Plumeria anticipated this, and had Salazzle use Dragon Claw to wound Eevee, then fired Dragon Pulse. Eevee attempted to dodge the last attack, by using Quick Attack. Finally, Eevee used Swift to defeat Salazzle, knocking Plumeria out of the tournament.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Swift
  • Using Quick Attack
  • Using Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Using Last Resort

  • Using Extreme Evoboost


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