This Primarina is a Water/Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Ida.


As Brionne

When Ida’s Primarina as a Brionne, she’s very kind and helpful.

As Primarina

In the next time Lana visit Ida, Lana realized that Ida’s Brionne evolves into Primarina.

Popplio and Primarina had fun while Sandy was enjoying the fun too, in night Ida shows everyone the z move which is Oceanic Oppereta for a gift, later Lana and her Popplio wants to show Ida whats capable of her. Lana told her Popplio to make a ballon and big, so Popplio did, Popplio tries to hold on to its balance then Popplio starts glowing and evolve into a Brionne. Ida was proud of Lana and gave her a Primarium Z, after that Lana and her friends says goodbye to Ida.

Known moves

  • Using Aqua Jet

  • Using Hydro Vortex as Brionne
  • Using Oceanic Operetta

Improvised moves


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