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This Primarina is a Water/Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Ida.


As Brionne

Brionne on a surfboard with Kanoa.

While performing with its trainer, Brionne noticed Ash, Mallow, Lana, and their Pokémon. It promptly blew a pink bubble towards Lana's Popplio, who bounced it back to Brionne. As Ida's last act of her performance, Brionne executed Hydro Vortex while underneath Kanoa and his surfboard. Impressed by its talent, Lana begged Ida to become her teacher.

Ida later agreed and ordered Brionne to produce durable balloons. If Popplio were able to pop at least one of them with her own balloon, she would be strong enough to successfully perform Hydro Vortex. However, even after numerous attempts, Popplio still failed to pop any of Brionne's bubbles.

The next day, Popplio finally managed to burst three of Brionne's balloons, exciting her and Lana. After Kanoa hears about a nearby sunken ship with treasure, he, Ida, Lana, Ash, Mallow, Brionne, Popplio, Pikachu, and Steenee rode on a boat to search for it. It then emitted a sizable balloon and enveloped Kanoa in it, allowing him to explore the ocean.

Brionne and Kanoa searched for the ship, only to find it guarded by a wild Dhelmise. They returned to the surface to figure out how to safely approach it. Nevertheless, Dhelmise, agitated by Jessie, James, and Meowth, attacked the boat. Brionne tried to battle Dhelmise by using Aqua Jet twice, but it quickly fainted the Pop Star Pokémon with one strike of its anchor.

Determined to save everyone on the boat, Lana and Popplio suggested performing Hydro Vortex to neutralize the whirlpool the Sea Creeper Pokémon created. After Lana and Popplio master the Z-Move and launch Dhelmise across the sea, Brionne and Kanoa successfully retrieved the coveted treasure, a Mystic Water. It, Ida, and Kanoa then bid Ash and his friends farewell as they cruised into the sunset.

As Primarina

Ida and Primarina performing its Z-Move.

The next time Lana visits Ida, she realized that it evolved into a Primarina.

Popplio and Primarina had fun while Sandy was enjoying the fun too, in night Ida shows everyone the z move which is Oceanic Oppereta for a gift, later Lana and her Popplio wants to show Ida whats capable of her. Lana told her Popplio to make a ballon and big, so Popplio did, Popplio tries to hold on to its balance then Popplio starts glowing and evolve into a Brionne. Ida was proud of Lana and gave her a Primarium Z, after that Lana and her friends says goodbye to Ida.

Known moves

Primarina was not shown using any moves.

Improvised moves


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