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Ice Path is a cave filled with ice that connects Route 44 and Blackthorn City. In order to have access to Ice Path, the Mahogany Town Gym Leader, Pryce, must be beaten.

At some point in Ice Path, the HM Waterfall can be found. There are also several more items in Ice Path, including Never-Melt Ice.

Strength is needed to push boulders down holes in order to navigate through Ice Path. However, boulders cannot be moved again once they are sunk into the holes.

A Kimino Girl will be on the ice near the exit of Ice Path, claiming that she is stuck. Players must crash into her to get her off the ice to be able to exit Ice Path and enter Blackthorn City.

Ice Path is home to several Ice-type Pokémon such as Jynx, Swinub, and many others. Considering Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair specialize in Dragon-type Pokméon, it is a great opportunity to catch Ice-type Pokémon for a type advantage.

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