Ice Lake is an area in the northwest of Almia.


The player first arrives here on the way to Almia Castle. The Ice Lake requires a level two River Flow field move that is only possessed by Empoleon. This lake is filled with fast-moving tides, whirlpools and icebergs. When the player rides into a whirlpool, the player must start over again to make his way to the Almia Castle.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Raichu Sprite Raichu PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 4 Recharge 4
PR Vulpix Sprite Vulpix PA Fire SofA Fire SOA Burn 1 Burn 1
PR Jynx Sprite Jynx PA Psychic SofA Psychic SOA Teleport Teleport
PR Empoleon Sprite Empoleon PA Water SofA Water SOA River Flow 2 River Flow 2
PR Staraptor Sprite Staraptor PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Fly Fly
PR Abomasnow Sprite Abomasnow PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 3 Crush 3
PR Glaceon Sprite Glaceon PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 3 Crush 3
Wild Pokémon


This is the only place where Empoleon can be captured.

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