Humilau City (セイガイハシティ Seigaiha City) is a city located in northeastern Unova. Here, the player can challenge the eighth gym of Unova and battle its leader, Marlon. This is also the place where you can trade in yellow shards for moves taught by the move tutor. It is connected to the Marine Tube which connects to Undella Town.

Humilau City is relatively secluded; the only town or city it is connected to is Undella Town through the Marine Tube or through the archipelago Route 21. Humilau can also be accessed through Route 22, which passes through Giant Chasm. Continuing on to Route 23 will lead to Victory Road, and the Unova League.

The city has a main island which houses the Pokémon Center, Gym, and access to the Marine Tube.

The rest of the city consists of villas built atop calm shallow waters to the north of the main island. Like in Undella Town, most of the residents are wealthy.

In the anime

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Isshu Pokémon League iconHumilau Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon
Wavebadge Wave Badge TM Water TM55 (Scald)


Level 49
Type Water/Type Rock


Level 49
Type Water


Level 51
Type Water/Type Ghost

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