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Hulbury is a town in the Galar region.

Places of Interest

Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center is located near the Route 5 entrance.

Incense Stall

The Incense stall can be found in the north of the marketplace, which is located in the southwest of the town. This stall sells Incenses.

Incense stall
Item Price
Rose Incense Sprite.png Rose Incense Poké Dollar.png2,000
Sea Incense Sprite.png Sea Incense Poké Dollar.png2,000
Wave Incense Sprite.png Wave Incense Poké Dollar.png2,000
Rock Incense Sprite.png Rock Incense Poké Dollar.png2,000
Odd Incense Sprite.png Odd Incense Poké Dollar.png2,000
Lax Incense Sprite.png Lax Incense Poké Dollar.png5,000
Full Incense Sprite.png Full Incense Poké Dollar.png5,000
Pure Incense Sprite.png Pure Incense Poké Dollar.png6,000
Luck Incense Sprite.png Luck Incense Poké Dollar.png11,000

Herb Stall

The herb stall, selling herbal medicines, is located next to the Incense stall.

Herb stall
Item Price
EnergyPowder Sprite.png Energy Powder Poké Dollar.png500
Energy Root Sprite.png Energy Root Poké Dollar.png1,200
Heal Powder Sprite.png Heal Powder Poké Dollar.png300
Revival Herb Sprite.png Revival Herb Poké Dollar.png2,800

The Captain's Table

Logo of the Captain's Table

The Captain's Table is a seafood restaurant located near the market place. After beating the town's Gym, Chairman Rose invites the player and Sonia here.

After becoming the Champion, the player can also help the cook in the Captain's Table delivering their food to people around the town. After successfully delivering the food, the cook will give the player items as rewards.

  • The first customer is located in the house closest to the station.
  • The second customer is located in the fourth house north from the Pokémon Center.
  • The third customer is the owner of the green stall in the marketplace.

Hulbury Stadium

Main article: Hulbury Stadium

Located in the north, The Hulbury Stadium is the second Gym the player challenges. Lead by Nessa, the Gym specializes in Water-type Pokémon.

Hulbury Station

Hulbury Station is located in the town's northwest corner.

The player can catch a train here to the following locations:



Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
846.png Arrokuda SW/SH 20-24 50%
170.png Chinchou SW/SH 20-24 20%
833.png Chewtle SW/SH 20-24 15%
550.png Basculin SW 20-24 10%
550A.png Basculin SH 20-24 10%
746.png Wishiwashi SW/SH 20-24 5%


A Backpacker sitting near a table in the marketplace offers to trade a Minccino with his Cottonee nicknamed "Candyfloss".

Cottonee XY.gif

Held item:


Item Games Location/Method
Shell Bell Bag Sprite.png Shell Bell SW/SH At the northwest end of the southern dock
Magnet Sprite.png Magnet SW/SH In the southwestern corner of the marketplace
X Sp. Def Sprite.png X Sp. Def SW/SH On the second broken area of the fence away from the Magnet
Full Heal Sprite.png Full Heal SW/SH West of the base of the staircase leading to the station (hidden)
X Speed Sprite.png X Speed SW/SH By the lamppost near the station entrance (hidden; ×2)
Net Ball Sprite.png Net Ball SW/SH In the north, south of the right net in the piers (×5)
Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion SW/SH In the northeast, next to the two trash bins (hidden; ×2)
Electric TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM82 SW/SH In the northeast, behind the lighthouse
Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM79 SW/SH From Sonia at the Captain's Table after defeating the Gym
Exp. Candy L Sprite.png Exp. Candy L SW/SH After becoming the Champion, from the old lady in the house closest to the station after delivering her food from the Captain's Table
Bag Nugget Sprite.png Nugget SW/SH After becoming the Champion, from the cook in the Captain's Table after delivering the first food (×5)
Big Nugget Sprite.png Big Nugget SW/SH After becoming the Champion, from the cook in the Captain's Table after delivering the second food (×2)
Lucky Egg Bag Sprite.png Lucky Egg SW/SH After becoming the Champion, from the cook in the Captain's Table after delivering the third food


  • Hulbury is based on Liverpool, a port city in the UK well known for being the hometown of the Beatles, a '60s rock band, as referenced by a band based in the Galar region, the Maximizers. Hulbury's overall water theme, while likely more of a reference to Liverpool's nature as a port town, may also be a reference to the Beatles song "Yellow Submarine" and/or possibly "Octopus's Garden."

In other languages

Language Name
English Hulbury
Spanish Pueblo Amura
Italian Keelford
French Skifford
German Keelton
Japanese バウタウン
Korean 바우마을
Simplified Chinese 水舟镇
Traditional Chinese 水舟鎮