This Vibrava is a ground/dragon-type Pokémon owned by Hugh.


As Trapinch

When Hugh was a child, he had his sister send Purrloin, while he sent Trapinch to battle. However, Team Plasma grunts arrived and snatched Purrloin away.[1]

Hugh used his Trapinch to battle Leo's Deino and Trapinch easily defeated Deino. Hugh then challenged Blake for a battle. Trapinch was easily defeated by Blake's Dewott, who used Razor Shell.[2]

As Vibrava

Eventually, it was shown to have evolved into a Vibrava, when Hugh used it to chase some girls off using Sonic Boom.[3]

Hugh sent Vibrava to attack Team Plasma forces in Castelia City's sewers by using Dragon Breath. However, the Muk retaliated by launching Sludge, which Hugh evaded.[4] As Hugh interrogated Whitley, the latte's Foongy emitted Spore to stop Hugh. However, Hugh's Vibrava used Sandstorm, which blew Foongy away.[5]

When Hugh and Rood were ambused by the black Team Plasma, Hugh used Vibrava and Eelektross to fight them.[6] Hugh's Vibrava fought against Team Plasma grunts. It also carried Hugh across the school to meet up with Rood, who had found the chip.[7] Hugh used his Vibrava to battle Team Plasma grunts at the Plasma Frigate. He fought the ones that had kidnapped his sister's Purrloin five years ago. Vibrava attacked the duo's Zweilous, defeating both of them.[8] As the Plasma Frigate was heavily damaged by Kyurem's attack, Hugh went off the flying ship by flying around by Vibrava.[9]

Known moves

  • Using Sonic Boom



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