Hoopa Appear Plan

Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures (フーパのおでまし大作戦!! Hoopa's Appear Plan!!) is a short anime series of the XY series. Most of them feature Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu getting themselves in trouble caused by the mischievous Legendary Pokémon, Hoopa. The series aired from April 23, 2015 to May 28, 2015 in Japan. The English dubbed version of the series aired in the Poké website on December 11, 2015.


  1. Flying in the Air (そらをとぶ Fly) - In which Ash and Pikachu fly in their flight suit, and Hoopa summons flying type Pokémon to create wind to help them fly. (Featured Pokémon: Skarmory, Wingull (multiple), Swablu (multiple), Pelipper, Starly (multiple), Staravia (multiple), Swanna, Fletchling (3x); Featured Legendary Pokémon: Tornadus (in Therian Forme))
  2. Wake Up (めざまし Alarm Clock) - In which Ash and Pikachu sleep through their Loudred and Exploud Alarm Clocks, and Hoopa summons the real ones including a Noivern to wake them up. (Featured Pokémon: Loudred, Exploud, Noivern)
  3. Ball Pickup ( たまひろい Ball Boy) - In which Ash teaches Pikachu and Hawlucha to swat their Poké Balls, and Hoopa summons a Voltorb by mistake. (Featured Pokémon: Hawlucha (Ash's); Voltorb)
  4. Heated Battle (あついバトル Hot Battle) - In which Ash and Pikachu prepare for a hot battle in the boxing ring, as Hoopa summons fire-type Pokémon for a "hot match". (Featured Pokémon: Blaziken, Rapidash, Magmortar, Slugma; Featured Legendary Pokémon: Heatran, Moltres)
  5. Shooting Star (ながれぼし Shooting Star) - In which Ash and Pikachu make their wishes on shooting stars, as Hoopa summons more. (Featured Pokémon: Staryu (2x))
  6. In the Dark (くらやみ Darkness) - In which Ash and Pikachu are exploring a dark cave, and Hoopa summons Litwick to light the way. (Featured Pokémon: Litwick (multiple), Noibat (5x), Noivern (2x), Carbink (4x), Sableye (4x))


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