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Route 128 is an ocean route in Hoenn. It leads to Ever Grande City. It is the location of Seafloor Cavern where Team Magma awakens Groudon (Ruby and Omega Ruby)/Team Aqua awakens Kyogre (Sapphire, Alpha Sapphire and Emerald).



All underwater items require Dive in addition to Surf and are hidden.

Generation III

Item Games Location/Method
Protein Sprite.png Protein R/S/E On the rock in the area above Seafloor Cavern entrance
Pearl Sprite.png Pearl R/S/E On the rock in the eastern isolated area

Generation VI

Item Games Location/Method
Bag Adamant Orb Sprite.png Adamant Orb OR/AS Slightly north of the center of the area above Seafloor Cavern entrance
Protein Sprite.png Protein OR/AS In the southwest corner of the eastern isolated area
Pearl Sprite.png Pearl OR/AS Near the southeast corner of the isolated area
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