Route 119 is a tropical Route in northern Hoenn, connecting Route 118 and Fortree City. The Weather Institute is located here, with Team Magma or Team Aqua invading it, leaving the player to defeat the team. This is also one of the places where the rival, Brendan or May, challenge the player for a battle.


Generation III

Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Location Level Rate
043.png Oddish R/S/E Grass 24-27 30%
263.png Zigzagoon R/S/E Grass 25, 27 30%
264.png Linoone R/S/E Grass 25, 27 30%
357.png Tropius R/S/E Grass 25-27 9%
352.png Kecleon R/S/E Grass 25 1%
Wild Pokémon
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