Hoenn Route 114 is a route connecting to Meteor Falls and Fallarbor Town. Pokémon such as Zangoose and Seviper can only be found at this location. The Fossil Maniac's house is on this route. Lanette's house and an entrance to Meteor Falls are also located here.


Item Games Location/Method
Normal TM Sprite TM05 R/S/E/OR/AS From a man with a Poochyena
Ground TM Sprite TM28 R/S/E/OR/AS From the Fossil Maniac's brother in his house
Bag Revive Sprite Revive R/S/E/OR/AS At the west end of grassy area - hidden
Carbos Sprite Carbos R/S/E/OR/AS Below the southernmost grass patch
Protein Sprite Protein R/S/E/OR/AS At the northwest end of the rocky area - requires Rock Smash
Comet Shard Sprite Comet Shard OR/AS In the center of the smallest crator - hidden
Rarebonebag Rare Bone OR/AS In the center of the second smallest crator - hidden
EnergyPowder Sprite Energy Powder OR/AS At the end of the narrow corridor northeast of the chain of craters
Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy R/S/E/OR/AS Up the waterfall - requires Surf and Waterfall


In Generation VI games, after defeating Groudon or Kyogre, an old man will appear by the bridge, selling three expensive Hard Stones and the two Mega Stones for the two Hoenn starter Pokémon the player did not choose. All of them are not described directly, but are "titled" negatively by the corresponding starter Pokémon's type and emotions.

Stone Seller
Item Price
Hard Stone Sprite Hard Stone Poké Dollar45000
ScepMS Sceptilite Poké Dollar1500
Hard Stone Sprite Hard Stone Poké Dollar80000
SwamMS Swampertite Poké Dollar1500
Hard Stone Sprite Hard Stone Poké Dollar150000
BlazMS Blazikenite Poké Dollar1500
Stone Seller


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