Route 109 is a water route south of Slateport City and east of Route 108. It can also access to Route 104 and Dewford Town by taking a ferry offered by Mr. Briney.


The route is comprised mostly of a large beach on the shore of Slateport, where there are many Trainers for the player to face. Once the player has HM04 he or she can travel the water as wanted, encountering Pokémon native to Hoenn's seas and Trainers on the way to and from the Abandoned Ship. Along the aquatic part of the route, there are a few small islands, with more Trainers to face than on the beach. Unlike other water routes, Swimmers are not very common here.

On the beach area of the route is a small house, the Seashore House, that offers the challenge of battling three Trainers. The prize is six cans of Soda Pop. Soda Pop is also available to buy for $300.

The southern portion of the route runs east-west to match the alignment of Route 108.

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