This Oricorio is an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Hobbes.


Oricorio first appeared when it was used to battle Ash and his Rowlet. Rowlet uses Leafage, which Oricorio avoids and retaliates with Revelation Dance, which electrocutes Rowlet.

Rowlet uses Tackle, but Oricorio uses Mirror Move, allowing it to copy the same move. As Rowlet and Oricorio repeats their moves, the former mirrors the move by pushing latter away. Hobbes is surprised, while Ash points out Rowlet has strong legs. As Oricorio uses Revelation Dance to prevent Rowlet from charging, it uses Peck. Oricorio evades the attack, but it also misses using Revelation Dance. Oricorio uses Teeter Dance, which makes Ash and his Pokémon feel drowsy and confused. Oricorio follows with Double Slap, causing it to be tossed away. The battle stops, as Mallow, Hobbes and Ash hear Lillie scream and Salandit goes to attack, but gets hit by Pikachu's Quick Attack, followed by Oricorio's Teeter Dance and Rowlet's Tackle, then runs away.

Known moves

  • Using Revelation Dance
  • Using Mirror Move
  • Using Teeter Dance
  • Using Double Slap
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