Hia Valley is an area in the northwest of Almia. Due to its cold climate, many ice-type Pokémon live here. It is connected to the Ice Lake, Shiver Camp and Crysta Cave.


The player will first go here on the mission to search for the Blue Gem. When exiting the Crysta Cave, the player encounters Team Dim Sun who wants to control a Empoleon. The player stops Team Dim Sun from doing so and Murph's father will ask to the player to go to the Shiver Camp because the player rescued Empoleon.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Vulpix Sprite Vulpix PA Fire SofA Fire SOA Burn 1 Burn 1
PR Swinub Sprite Swinub PA Ice SofA Ice SOA None Takcle 1
PR Piloswine Sprite Piloswine PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Tackle 3 Tackle 3
PR Delibird Sprite Delibird PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 1 Crush 1
PR Houndoom Sprite Houndoom PA Dark SofA Dark SOA Burn 2 Burn 2
PR Spheal Sprite Spheal PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Tackle 1 Tackle 1
PR Sealeo Sprite Sealeo PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 2 Crush 2
PR Piplup Sprite Piplup PA Water SofA Water SOA None None
PR Prinplup Sprite Prinplup PA Water SofA Water SOA Cut 2 Cut 2
Wild Pokémon

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