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Editing and creating pages is easy.

To begin editing a page, just click the bold edit this page link at the top of the page. Doing so will bring up a textbox; make your changes and click the "Save page" button (which is rate below the textbox). Your edits will be visible on the page immediately! Just wait, though — editing isn't just for the fun of editing a page, The Pokémon Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia, which means that we're a database of knowledge — so, if you see something you can add to a page, or anyway you can improve it, do so.

There is also a "Show preview" button. Pushing this will show you a preview of your changes before you actually save it, to make sure everything looks right. It is preferred that you preview your edits before you save, because this way you won't clog up the history of the page with lots of your revisions (feel free to edit a page several times in a row if you find something else to add, though!), although this isn't policy, so if you really hate the "Show preview" button you don't have to use it.

To create a page, type the name of the to-be-created page in the searchbox to the left entitled "Wikia" (not the Google box). If they page doesn't already exist, it will say so and give you a link to create it — type your content into the textbox and click Save page, just like before. Now that page exists! Just remember to not create pointless or spammy pages.

Theres a bit more to it, though — MediaWiki, the software this site runs on, uses a special syntax to link pages together and format the page. For example, if you wanted to create a section header, you would type:

==Name of the header==

This would produce a header called "Name of the header". The header was created by surrounding it with two equal signs on each side. Here is some other formatting tricks:

Type this: To produce this:
==Header name==

Header name

===Header name===

Header name

====Header name====

Header name

=====Header name=====
Header name
[[Page you want to link to]]


[[Page you want to link to|Face of link]]

Face of link



[ External link name]

External link name

'''Text you want bold'''

Text you want bold

''Text you want italic''

Text you want italic

'''''Text you want bold and italic'''''

Text you want bold and italic

[[File:Name of image.png]] (upload at Special:Upload, must be registered)

DP 001 front

*A list
*organised (bullets)
  • A list
  • which
  • isn't
  • organized (bullets)
#This is
#a list
#which is
  1. This is
  2. a list
  3. which is
  4. numbered
:This is an indent
::This is a further indent
:::This is an even further indent
This is an indent
This is a further indent
This is an even further indent
<nowiki>[[Text you don't want]] ==Formatted== </nowiki> [[Text you don't want]] ==Formatted==

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