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A Healing Item is an item from the Pokémon games that will heal a Pokémon's Status Effectss, HP, or PP. Most of these items can be bought at Poké Marts.

HP-Restoring Items

These items restore a Pokémon's HP in some way, either by using from the Bag or being held. They are consumed after being used.

Item Effect
Berry Juice Sprite.png Berry Juice If held by a Pokémon, restores 20 HP when HP drops below 50%.
If used from the bag, restores 20 HP of a Pokémon.
Black Sludge Sprite.png Black Sludge If held by a Poison-type Pokémon, restores 1/16 HP each turn.
If held by a non-Poison-type Pokémon, it takes 1/8 damage each turn.
EnergyPowder Sprite.png Energy Powder Restores 60 HP, but lowers friendship.
Energy Root Sprite.png Energy Root Restores 120 HP, but lowers friendship.
Fresh Water Sprite.png Fresh Water Restores 30 HP.
Full Restore Sprite.png Full Restore Restores HP to maximum and cures all status effects.
Hyper Potion Sprite.png Hyper Potion Restores 120 HP.
Leftovers.png Leftovers Restores 1/16 HP each turn.
Lemonade Sprite.png Lemonade Restores 70 HP.
Max Potion Sprite.png Max Potion Restores HP to maximum.
Moomoo Milk XY Sprite.png Moomoo Milk Restores 100 HP.
Potion Sprite.png Potion Restores 20 HP.
Rage Candy Bar (key).png Rage Candy Bar Restores 20 HP.GSCB2W2XYORAS
Shell Bell Bag Sprite.png Shell Bell If the holder deals damage, restores 1/8 HP equal to the dealt damage.
Soda Pop Sprite.png Soda Pop Restores 50 HP.
Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion Restores 60 HP.
Sweet Heart Sprite.png Sweet Heart Restores 20 HP.

PP-Restoring Items

These items restore PP of a Pokémon. All are used from the bag, and are consumed after use.

Item Effect
Bag Elixir Sprite.png Elixir Restores 10 PP of all moves of a Pokémon.
Ether Sprite.png Ether Restores 10 PP of a move of a Pokémon.
Max Elixir Sprite.png Max Elixir Restores PP of all moves of a Pokémon to maximum.
Max Ether Sprite.png Max Ether Restores PP of a moves of a Pokémon to maximum.

Status Effects-Healing Items

Item Cures Other Effects
Antidote Sprite.png Antidote Poison -
Burn Heal Sprite.png Burn Heal Burn -
Ice Heal Sprite.png Ice Heal Freezing -
Awakening Sprite.png Awakening Sleep -
Parlyz Heal Sprite.png Paralyze Heal Payalysis -
Full Heal Sprite.png Full Heal All -
Full Restore Sprite.png Full Restore All -
Heal Powder Sprite.png Heal Powder All Lowers friendship.
Mental Herb Sprite.png Mental Herb Infatuation -
Pewter Crunchies Sprite.png Pewter Crunchies All -
Rage Candy Bar (key).png Rage Candy Bar All -
Lava Cookie Sprite.png Lava Cookie All -
Old Gateau Sprite.png Old Gateau All -
Casteliacone Sprite.png Casteliacone All One of the items used to summon Regigigas.ORAS
Lumiose Galette Sprite.png Lumiose Galette All -
Shalour Sable Sprite.png Shalour Sable All -
Big Malasada Sprite.png Big Malasada All -
Blue Flute Sprite.png Blue Flute Sleep -
Yellow Flute Sprite.png Yellow Flute Confusion -
Red Flute Sprite.png Red Flute Infatuation -
Pokéflute Sprite.png Poké Flute Sleep -



Revive Sprite.png Restores half of the maximum HP of a fainted Pokémon and is found in the Poké Marts for 1500 Pokémon Dollars.

Max Revive

Restores the HP of a fainted Pokémon completely. It is not found in any Poké Mart.


Main article: Berries

Berries can be found all over the game.

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