Harry Goodman is an unseen side character from Detective Pikachu. He is the father of Tim Goodman.


Harry Goodman does not appear directly in the Detective Pikachu game, as well as for the vast majority of the movie. In rare instances where he is shown, his face is obscured. He appears to be a caucasian man with brown hair and a beard in the games; the movie depicts him with glasses in its final scene (his only appearance where his face is shown).


Characters describe as an accomplished detective and loving father. The film depicts his relationship with his son as being strained due to his work, where Tim was raised by his maternal grandmother rather than by him or his wife. However, Harry clearly makes an effort to reach out to Tim and cares for his son very much regardless, to the point where he was willing to set up a room for him to stay in and keep it clean for years just in case his son decided he wanted to live with him.


Harry Goodman was an accomplished Detective tasked with investigating strange reports of Pokémon going on berserk rampages before regaining composure. He was partnered with his own Pikachu who assisted him in various cases. Two months prior to the events of Detective Pikachu, Harry disappeared. His Pikachu, suffering from amnesia, would soon seek out of his son Tim to help discover the whereabouts of Harry.

Harry was a frequent patron at the Hi-Hat Café.


The Pokémon Detective Pikachu film reveals that, after being hired by Howard Clifford to help capture Mewtwo, Harry and his Pikachu betrayed their employer and set Mewtwo free due to moral reservations about the usage of the R gas. As a result, Howard sent his Greninja after Harry in an attempt to murder him, but this attempt was thwarted by a grateful Mewtwo, who saved Harry's life by merging his soul with his Pikachu's. After wiping his memories, Mewtwo sent Pikachu to find his son, understanding that, though Harry no longer knew who he was, his love for his son still remained. It is because of this psychic purpose that only Tim is able to understand Pikachu; after Howard Clifford's plan was thwarted, Mewtwo separated Pikachu and Harry's souls and Tim finally reconciled with his father. In this film, Harry is portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds during his only full appearance in its ending.



Actor Ryan Reynolds, who portrays Harry Goodman in the live-action Detective Pikachu film adaptation.


  • The fate of Harry in the Detective Pikachu game proper is left ambiguous, however, the live-action adaptation reveals his whereabouts for most of the story. It is unknown, however, if this explanation is canon to the game as well as to the movie, as the plot of the film does not follow the plot of its source material exactly. The upcoming Detective Pikachu sequel for the Nintendo Switch is said to follow a different plotline from the movie.
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