This Octillery was the first member of Harley's team that managed to defeat May in a Pokémon Contest. It is a Water-type Pokémon.


Octillery appeared in Harley Rides Again, where Harley used it to win the Wisteria Town Contest. Octillery battled May's Munchlax and had the advantage until Munchlax used Metronome to summon a Thunder attack which caused severe damage to the Water type. However Octillery healed itself with Rest and defeated Munchlax with Octazooka.

Octillery also appeared in Thinning The Hoard, where it was used in Harley's appeal. During the appeal it was revealed to have learned Fire Blast, an attack that could not normally be used by Water types.

Known moves

  • Using Constrict
  • Using Octazooka
  • Using Sludge Bomb
  • Using Rest
  • Using Fire Blast

Voice actors

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