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This Banette is a Ghost-type Pokémon owned by Harley. It was obtained shortly before the Battle Frontier.


Banette debuted during the Hoenn Grand Festival when Harley used it to impress, and disturb the judges by having it use Thunder on itself. When it was hit by the powerful attack, Banette simply cackled as though the electricity wasn't hurting it at all. The next round, during his battle against May at the Grand Festival, Harley sent Cacturne and Banette against her May's Bulbasaur and Beautifly.[1]

Banette started off with Screech, which lowered Beautifly and Bulbasaur's defenses. In addition, Cacturne fired Bullet Seed on them, which May's Pokémon barely evaded. Bulbasaur used Vine Whip to grasp their legs, and Beautifly emitted Silver Wind to hurt them badly. As Harley's Pokémon stood up, Bulbasaur went to repeat its attack, but Banette's Torment prevented that move from being used. Cacturne fired Pin Missile, but Bulbasaur went atop of Beautifly, and used Petal Dance against Banette's Will-O'-Wisp. Cacturne fired another Pin Missile to counter Petal Dance, but in that distraction, May's Pokémon fired Razor Leaf and Silver Wind. Both of Harley's Pokémon were knocked down, and Harley, due to having no more points left, lost the battle.[2]

To stop May from obtaining the final Ribbon, Harley lent his Banette and Cacturne to Jessie to help her in defeating May.[3] Banette was used in the appeals round, and won, facing May and Squirtle in the next round. Banette used Thunder to knock Squirtle down, to which the latter fired Ice Beam to freeze Banette. Banette got unfrozen and fired Will-O'-Wisp, to which Squirtle hid inside its shell to prevent taking damage. Banette went to use Thunder next, but was countered by Squirtle's Bubble. Jessie became furious as she yelled at Banette, causing it to use Frustration to strike Squirtle, who hid inside its shell, and used Rapid Spin to hurt Banette.

Banette attempted to use Will-O'-Wisp once more, but Squirtle spinned around to evade the attack. Banette attempted to use Thunder as well, but Squirtle knocked it down by spinning around. As Banette went to use Frustration and Squirtle to fire Ice Beam, the time for the battle round was over. As Jessie and May had the exact number of points, the battle would continue until either side's Pokémon fainted or their points would be depleted. Banette went to use Thunder, but as Squirtle fired Ice Beam, Banette dodged instead. Squirtle spinned once more, evading Will-O'-Wisp and striking Banette with Bubble. Freezing Banette with Ice Beam, Squirtle used Tackle. At this point, Jessie lost all of her points, thus making May as the winner of the Contest.[4]

Harley also used Banette in the appeals round during the Kanto Grand Festival. It used Will-O'-Wisp to amaze the audience, which let Harley pass into the next round.[5]

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