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Harley is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series, who is a rival of May.


Harley is a tall boy with long, wavy purple hair and blue eyes. He wears a green hat that is similar to Cacturne's head, a blue shirt that has a cut rectangle which exposes his belly, a collared jacket and pants that are green in color with a darker zigzag pattern on both of his sides, a white belt with a yellow button and white-heeled shoes.


Harley is a tricky, untrustworthy, quirky, jumpy and certainly not afraid to tell what is on his mind and he is extremely sensitive towards May (who is his initial enemy). He prefers using his eccentric manners to draw the audience's attention.

Despite his nice and friendly personality to gain other's respects, he actually makes a distraction to make his enemy lose control, then he makes his move and strikes the opponent's Pokémon down in battle. If anyone gives him criticism that vexes him, he will go great lengths to seek his revenge. At first, Harley is extremely towards May, such as despicably framing or deliberately deceiving her, but soon he begins to acknowledge her as a worthy opponent.


When Harley was a child, he had lunch. While he had saved a snack, a girl looking like May ate it and smiled. Harley became greatly upset, and swore to revenge one day.[1]

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Harley and May face each other in the final round of the Contest.

Harley visited May and Bulbasaur on the boat to Izabe Island where he expressed how her Bulbasaur was amazing in her training. May thanked him and introduced herself to Harley. She didn't know much about Cacturne and scanned it with her Pokédex. Harley was angered by this, even more when she noted how scary Cacturne looked. After May commented on how his cookies weren't half-bad, Harley ran away and took a picture of her from a distance. On that moment, Harley promised to teach May a lesson in the Contest. Before the Contest began, Harley offered Max some ice-cream. Max was grateful and Harley fooled him into telling May's incident with Tentacool in the past. Harley thanked him and ran to May, where Harley apologized for forcing Max to spend some time with him.

During the first round, Harley sent his Cacturne, which made the audience speechless upon how terrifying Cacturne looked. Harley had Cacturne use Bullet Seed, which made an image of a skull and crossbones. Harley saw May passing the first round and thought that May wasn't a bad Coordinator at all. In the next round, Harley's Cacturne defeated the opponent's Azurill quite quickly. Just as May went to the stage, he lied to her that her opponent's Surskit are known for their slow speed. He was furious that May won the round, though he promised to make an alternate plan. Before the final round began, May questioned Harley for giving her bad advice, but Harley claimed that she should've studied her opponents first.

Harley's Cacturne took damage from Bulbasaur's Vine Whip and Tackle. Just as May was to finish the battle, Harley activated the tape, in which Max told the story about May and Tentacool. Harley taunted May, who became embarrassed and outraged, wanting to make Harley pay. However, her Bulbasaur missed attacks, while Cacturne continued attacking Bulbasaur. Fortunately, Ash's advice made May calm down as she had Bulbasaur use Vine Whip to bind Cacturne, then Razor Leaf and Petal Dance to defeat it. Harley lost and called Cacturne back. He claimed May won just by pure luck and promised to face her again, but in different circumstances.[2]

Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. May recalled meeting Harley and his Cacturne, the former being really annoyed by her "lack of knowledge and odd behavior". Harley was annoyed by her and placed her in his book, marking her as his enemy. Harley also gave May some fake advice, which nearly costed May the Contest. However, May made a turnaround and defeated Kent and his Surskit. In the final round, May's Bulbasaur battled against Harley's Cacturne and eventually defeated it. However, Harley was still determined to pay back to May.[3]

Harley encountered Drew and May at Slateport City, the site of the Grand Festival. Despite the previous incident, Harley behaved quite politely, and wanted to bury the animosity towards him and May, to which she accepted. He even remarked Drew's rose to May, thinking there was "magic in the air", which made May blush. As Drew walked away, Harley went away, maliciously smiling that his second plot to get revenge at May was working. He also noticed "Norman" in a crowd. Harley later visited May, complimenting her training with Beautifly. He advised her to simply have Beautifly use Silver Wind in the contest, thinking that would earn her a lot of points. He even claimed he wanted to see her win, even at the cost of his loss, for he didn't wish anything ill towards her.

May inspired him to strive for victory as well, since he did work hard to reach this place, and to respect her as an equal. She was convinced to adapt the Silver Wind strategy, but Drew, who had his doubts over Harley's intentions, claimed that strategy had no depth and shouldn't be used. Harley dismayed him, stating he was just jealous. Drew ignored him, but continued to keep a close eye on him. He even suggested she could use professional help, and stated Norman was around. Much to others shock, they told that he was supposed to be home, and went to find him. Harley was shocked to hear that Norman was May's father, and led the group to the tent, where "Norman" and his manager were taking Pokémon for training.

It turned out to be Team Rocket in disguise, whom Ash and May quickly defeated. Harley applauded the latter, making her more confident in the Silver Wind strategy. During the preliminary round, Harley's Cacturne scored 84 points, enough to enter the tournament. When he returned to the waiting room, Harley was surprised to see that his attempt to sabotage May backfired when she got 88 points with the Silver Wind strategy. As Drew appeared, Harley waved to him, but Drew shrugged him off.[4]

Harley requested May to train with him, an offer she accepted. During this training, her Skitty used Assist, which turned into Silver Wind. Harley complimented her, advising that she should aim to have Skitty use Assist at all times. He visited her later, thinking she was looking for Drew. However, May stated there was a fraud among them, which shocked Harley. At any rate, during his round, he sent Banette, who used Will-O'-Wisp, followed with Thunder. Despite the strange and scary look that Banette made, Harley scored 89 points. Harley watched her performance, and was annoyed how lucky she got with her Assist moves. However, once Skitty became confused, due to Assist being turned into Petal Dance, Harley gloated that his plan was successful. Drew heard this, and confronted him on that. Drew pointed out Harley wasn't May's friend, to which he stated it was just "competition".

When May returned to the waiting room, Drew unveiled the news to her that Harley was trying to foil her success. May was angry at Harley, but didn't understand why he did this. Harley simply stated this was his revenge on the events that happened in the previous Contest. Harley claimed she shouldn't trust other people, then he pushed her aside and walked away. He came out of the stadium, and looking at Drew, who scored a perfect score, was not impressed by his performance. Later, Harley, in the next round, saw that his next opponent would be May. In that round, Harley sent Banette and Cacturne, while May sent Beautifly and Bulbasaur. May demanded of him to battle fairly, to which Harley stated that had different meanings of the word "fair". May braced herself, as she promised to play rough and defeat Harley.[5]

May gained the upper hand quite early, as her Bulbasaur bound Cacturne and Banette's legs, letting Beautifly hit them with Silver Wind. Harley had his Pokémon counterattack, by attempting to have Cacturne use Pin Missile against Bulbasaur's Petal Dance. This distraction let May's Pokémon use Razor Leaf and Silver Wind, which knocked down Harley's Pokémon and depleted his points. Harley was frustrated, and walked away, passing by a smiling Drew. Harley commented that Drew was happy that he had lost. Drew replied that May was just better that day, but Harley doubted his words. He later watched the battle between Drew and May. Despite the latter's loss, the crowd cheered her on, which devastated Harley that there was "no justice in this world".[6]

May went to get her Pokémon that she had left in the Saffron City's Pokémon Center to be healed when she encountered Harley. Harley claimed to have enlisted as a volunteer to set the stage for the Contest, stating he had changed. The heroes had doubts about him, but Nurse Joy confirmed that Harley did help her out, and trusted him. May collected her Pokémon, while Harley advised her to register for the Contest until next day, when the deadline was set. As May and Harley told each other about encountering Drew, Jessie arrived with Cacnea stuck in her hair.

Nurse Joy, Chansey and Harley went to the operating room to settle this problem, until they realized James and Meowth were stealing Pokémon from the center. Harley had Ariados use Spider Web to bind their balloon, letting May's Combusken free the Pokémon and Squirtle to blas tthem off. May became happy with working alongside Harley, and the two sides wished each other luck in the Contest. The next day, May went to register for the Contest, but saw that Harley lied to her about the deadline. While an exception was made for May to register for the Contest, Harley swore to ensure that she would not obtain a single ribbon.[7]

Before the first round of the Contest, Harley came to apologize to May. However, she saw behind Harley's ruse, for she didn't trust him, and promised to win. Harley simply told her she would lose, as he sent Cacturne in the first round of the Contest, earning him a victory. In the next round, Harley faced Jessie in the next round, to whom the former called as his next "victim". As Jessie sent Wobbuffet and Harley his Ariados, both sides waited: Jessie anticipated to use Counter to redirect the attack, whereas Harley didn't want to attack for that reason.

Due to the two sides waiting too much, the judge cut their points in half, to which Ariados used String Shot. Since the latter was not a damaging move, Wobbuffet was unable to counter it, so Ariados took control of it and spinned it around. Due to this, Harley went on to the next round, and eventually faced May in the final round. Harley's Ariados used String Shot to control her Squirtle, scaring it, and trapping it in Spider Web. However, Squirtle used Ice Beam on Spider Web, foiling Harley's strategy by freezing Ariados, and defeat it with a Tackle. Harley walked away in anger, thinking the Contest was rigged to have May win it.[8]

Harley competed in the Wisteria Town Contest, where he encountered May, promising to defeat her. May was proud to show two Ribbons, but was surprised to see Harley's three Ribbons. The two bickered a bit before leaving. Harley passed by some merchants, which he recognized as Team Rocket. The latter offered him some information on May if he helped them catch Pikachu, but Harley refused, thinking he would be a loser to help these losers. He watched May's performance, thinking she hardly did any good. During his round, he used Ariados in the appeals: Ariados' Spider Web was used to surround the stage with its web, similar to the previous contest. He then asked it to entangle itself with its web and use Scary Face, scaring everyone.

In the final round, Harley faced May, using his Octillery against May's Munchlax in battle. Harley attempted to taunt May, as his Octillery grappled Munchlax, preventing its attacks. After utilizing Octazooka, Sludge Bomb and Rest, he defeated May, and obtained his fourth Ribbon.[9]

Harley's Kanto Ribbons.

Harley was in Mulberry Town, and overheard May at the next table that this is her final Contest to obtain the fifth Ribbon. Harley turned around to tell her he already had obtained five Ribbons, and aggravated May for her attempts. He walked away, devising a plan to prevent May's efforts: he enlisted the help of Team Rocket, promising to help Jessie win and having James and Meowth help him sabotage May behind the scenes. Harley sent Cacturne and Banette, lending it to Jessie to help her in battle. Behind the scenes, Harley had James and Meowth use his Ariados to sabotage May's performance. As Ash, Brock and Max have striked James, Meowth and Ariados, Harley reminded Team Rocket that they had to be ruthless to succeed. Jessie became intrigued, and made a plan to get rid of the twerps as well.[1]

Harley was pleased to hear that Meowth and James managed to trap May's friends, to prevent them from interfering. He met up with James and Meowth, to give their Pokémon to him so he could continue sabotaging. However, they were confronted by May's friends, including Drew. The latter confronted Harley for his unsportmanship, but Harley defended himself that he merely lent his Pokémon to Team Rocket, which wasn't against the rules. Harley asked of Drew to simply stand out of his way, to which Drew asked the same to Harley, who walked away. Harley continued to watch the battle, annoyed that May even won it. He insulted Team Rocket and walked away, but admitted he was pleased he would be able to defeat May in the Grand Festival.[10]

Harley as May.

Harley competed against May in the Kanto Grand Festival. Much to others' shock, he was dressed as May (nicknamed as Mayley), making poses to annoy her. He used his Banette, who used Will-O'-Wisp to earn him the victory in that round. When he returned to May, the latter was annoyed by his appearance, but Harley simply claimed he would beat both her and Drew.[11] In the next round, Harley had Octillery use Fire Blast to surround itself in flames, earning him another victory. He watched Solidad's performance, being impressed by her skill, and even admitted May was a good Coordinator, too. However, hearing Drew was badly training his Absol, he rushed to Solidad and May to tell them this. Later, on the screenboard, Harley saw that his next opponent would be May. On the battlefield, he noticed she was calm after Drew's outburst, but she disagreed.

The two sides sent Munchlax and Eevee against Cacturne and Wigglytuff. While Harley's Cacturne was easily defeated, Wigglytuff inflated itself to evade their attacks and use an aerial advantage to attack the opponents. May's Munchlax and Eevee launched Solar Beam and Shadow Ball to throw Wigglytuff off-balance and defeat it, causing Harley to lose.[12] Harley watched May battle Drew, and was annoyed that the former had won. He was annoyed, as he watched the closing ceremony of the Grand Festival.[13]

Seeing Team Rocket trying to fool May, Harley had Cacturne use Bullet Seed to unveil their disguises. Harley swore that he was the only one that could mess with her. He wanted Jessie to battle him, and swore he would not fool May this time around. Nurse Joy recognized him as one of the Grand Festival competitors, and asked him for an autograph. He then watched May and Drew have a practice contest battle. After their battle was over, Harley revealed that he was also going to compete in Contests in Johto. He also invited Jessie to do the same, but she denied, saying she still wanted to stay in Team Rocket.

Because of this, he got mad at her, claiming she would remain a loser. He then sent out his Cacturne to battle her. As she was searching for a Pokémon to use, Harley asked Cacturne to use Bullet Seed, sending Team Rocket flying with Jessie still looking for a Pokémon. Harley invited May and Drew to accompany him, but they refused, so Harley ran away.[14]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

In May's flashback, Harley and his Wigglytuff appeared, training hard for future Contests.[15]

Along with Solidad and Drew with his Roserade, Harley watched May compete in the Wallace Cup.[16][17]


On hand

Cacturne was Harley's main Pokemon. Harley seemed very fond of Cacturne, even dressing up as it. Cacturn proved to be skilled in contests and in battle.

Voice actors

  • Dutch: Tony Neef
  • German: Johannes Raspe
  • Korean: Yang Seok-Jeong
  • French: Romain Barbieux
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Marcelo Campos (first appearance), Dado Monteiro (other appearances)


  • Harley is the first person to suspect that May and Drew have feelings for each other. However, it's possible that he was just doing it to mess with them.
  • Harley has only ever managed to beat May once in a battle as May has beaten him every other time.