This Empoleon is a water/steel-type Pokémon owned by Hareta.


Hareta chose Piplup as his starter Pokémon when they got attacked by an Onix. Piplup first didn't listen to Hareta's orders but eventually listened to him when Piplup saw his determination of saving Onix. Hareta and Piplup then teamed up and defeated Onix, breaking out of its control.[1]

Hareta threw Piplup's Poké Ball incorrectly which made Piplup depressed later on when Mitsumi scolded him. Hareta and Piplup were later kidnapped by two Team Galactic Grunts but were saved by Roark and his Cranidos. Piplup was later in a battle against Roark and his Cranidos. Piplup used Bubble Beam and Cranidos dodged the attack. Cranidos used Take Down, sending Piplup flying, and Piplup used Peck which Cranidos dodged. Piplup used Pound mulitple times but Cranidos dodged all the Pound attacks. Piplup was later able to land a Pound attack but Cranidos countered with Headbutt, sending Piplup flying into a mountain. To finish it off, Cranidos used Assurance, thinking that it would finish Piplup off. Piplup however came out of the mountain and unleashed its Bide attack, knocking Cranidos out. After the battle, Piplup ate some of the Oran Berry that was given earlier by Roark and gave some to Cranidos.[2]

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Known moves

  • Using Bubble Beam
  • Using Peck
  • Using Pound
  • Using Bide
  • Using Brine
  • Using Drill Peck
  • Using Surf

  • Using Hydro Pump
  • Using Rain Dance
  • Using Aqua Jet
  • Using Whirlpool
  • Using Defog



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