For other versions of Golurk belonging to Hapu, see Hapu's Golurk.

This Golurk is a Ground/Ghost-type Pokémon owned by Hapu.


Golurk helped Hapu in harvesting the Poni radishes. Later, she sent it out to battle Ash and Pikachu when she accused them for being Poni radish thieves, who used Flash Cannon at them. Ash and Pikachu went to defend themselves, as Pikachu used Quick Attack to close in on Golurk, and hit its knee with Iron Tail. However, Golurk picked Pikachu up and slammed it to the ground, then defeated it with High Horsepower. Eventually, Hapu went on Golurk to scout the area for thieves, and found Ash fighting Team Skull at a beach. After the latter was defeated, Hapu apologized to Ash for false accusations, and flew off on Golurk.[1]

When Sophocles, Lillie and Mallow, who visited Hapu, left, the latter sent Mudsdale and Golurk out, pretending that she didn't need company.[2] When Tapu Fini engulfed Ash, Lillie, Gladion and Mallow, Hapu asked of it at the Ruins of Hope to release her friends. Tapu Fini ignored her, so Hapu sent Golurk to use Flash Cannon to stop Tapu Fini. It protected itself, and summoned Hapu's grandfather, Sofu, to inform her that the Guardian Deity recognized her as the newest Island Kahuna.[3]

After becoming the Island Kahuna, Hapu flew on Golurk to let Ash prepare for the Grand Trial. The next day, she came to the port to bring some Poni radishes, as a souvenir to her friends before they left.[4] Gladion used Lycanroc to battle against Hapu's Golurk, who used High Horsepower. Gladion went to have Lycanroc use its Z-Move, which Golurk tried to cancel with Flash Cannon. However, Lycanroc quickly executed Devastating Drake Z-Move that defeated Golurk in the Grand Trial.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Flash Cannon
  • Using High Horsepower

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