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For the other variants of Happy belonging to Ritchie, see Happy.
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This Butterfree, nicknamed Happy, is a Bug/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Ritchie.


Ash's Pidgeotto and Ritchie's Happy save their trainers.

Hanging on a cliff, Ash sent Pidgeotto and Ritchie his Happy. Both Pokémon used Whirlwind and flew up in the air, which saved Ash and Ritchie.[1]

During the battle in Indigo League, Ritchie sent Happy to battle Ash's Squirtle. After colliding with each other, Happy emitted Sleep Powder and won the battle. However, Ash had Pikachu use Double Edge, which defeated Happy.[2]

Team Rocket captured Ash and Ritchie's Pikachu in a hole and even trapped the two trainers in another hole. Determined to retrieve their Pikachu back, Ritchie flew out of the hole with Happy and Ash with his Pidgeotto.[3]

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