This Crabominable is a Fighting/Ice-type Pokémon owned by Hala.


As Crabrawler

During the Grand Trial battle, Hala sent Crabrawler to fight against Ash and Rowlet. Crabrawler started off with Bubble Beam, but Rowlet evaded the attack and wounded Crabrawler with Peck. As Rowlet went to repeat its attack, Crabrawler grabbed its left wing and spun it around with Brutal Swing and punched it with Power-Up Punch. Rowlet was not hurt much and it fired Leafage, which Crabrawler easily countered with Bubble Beam. Since Ash realized how Rowlet can be silent and quick, he had it repeat Leafage. While Crabrawler repeated using Bubble Beam, Rowlet snuck up behind it and used Peck, dealing heavy damage. Crabrawler managed to stop it with its claw and bashed Rowlet away with Power-Up Punch. Just as Crabrawler went to use Brutal Swing, Rowlet avoided the attack and used Tackle, causing Crabrawler to fall down to the ground in defeat.[1]

Crabrawler, along with Hala, attended the wedding ceremony of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet.[2] One day, Hau challenged Hala to a battle. However, his Dartrix was defeated by his Crabrawler.[3]

Later, Hala brought Crabrawler to train on Mount Lanakila. After defeating a Sneasel with a Power-Up Punch, Crabrawler evolved into Crabominable.[4]

As Crabominable

With Crabominable evolved, Hala participated in the local PokéSled Jump Tournament. His Crabominable used Power-Up Punch to make a great jump down the slope, and even won the tournament.[4]

When Hau encountered Ash, who told him about his Grand Trial against Hala, Ash remembered Hala's Hariyama and Crabominable (as Crabrawler), against whom he had fought against.[3]

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