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This Hoothoot is a normal/flying-type Pokémon owned by Hagatha.


Hagatha has many Hoothoot she rents to other Trainers in order to help them cross the forest. However, one Hoothoot, in particular, wasn't very reliable; Hagatha explained, “Since I’m the one who raised it, this Hoothoot only hangs out with pretty girls.”

Hoothoot would peck Ash whenever he tried to bond with it. It liked Misty instead, and would only listen to her; this was shown when it would often sit on her lap whenever she sat down, or nuzzle against her leg.

Despite the many illusions in the forest, Ash managed to convince Hoothoot to rescue Misty, using a red ray to detect Ghost Pokémon — especially Haunter and Gengar, who were revealed to be the ones causing all the illusions.

After the heroes came out of the forest, Hoothoot was given to Hagatha's sister, Nagatha.

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