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All About Arceus I (VSアルセウスI, VS Arceus I), subtitled Engravings of Communication![Notes 1] (伝説(でんせつ)のサイン!, Densetsu no Sain!, The Legendary's Sign!) and Communication Sign[Notes 2], is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 42.


Silver wakes up from Arceus' blast. He has Morty point the locations of the plates on the map. He then uses a tactic involving Weavile to scour the land for those plates, all to hurry up to catch up with Gold.

Chapter plot

Silver wakes up, remembering a giant blast knocked him out. Morty is disappointed to see the top half of his Gym being destroyed. Silver wonders where Gold is, to which Morty explains that he went after giant figure. Silver suspects Gold went to combat Arceus, and sends Honchkrow. He wants to go after Gold to confront Arceus, but Morty asks why doesn't he finish the first task. Silver shows three plates, and asks where the other 13 could be. Morty does his ritual, and focuses, but faints. Silver becomes concerned, while Morty tells when he saw the plates, he also saw the giant figure, Arceus. In fact, he saw all the plates when the figure approached him in his vision.

Silver realizes that Arceus and the plates are connected, as Lance spoke them in his message. Silver realizes that a Pokémon with so much power, combined with the plates that can bring out a great power, is the goal of Team Rocket. Morty suspects that the people that were trying to get him to use his vision wanted the same thing. Morty marks the map with the locations of the 13 plates. Morty falls down, as he becomes exhausted. Silver apologizes, but with the map in hand, he sends Weavile, who carves out a message in the tree to others of its kind. He had Weavile carve the trees out in the region, to help out in the search for plates—other Sneasel and Weavile do the same thing to emit the message through the land.

Before leaving, Silver returns the badge he took from Morty, as well as Chuck, Falkner, Bugsy and Jasmine. Silver flies away, while Morty reminds they are counting on him. While Morty and the rest can't be of any help, he hopes Silver can stop the danger threatening Johto region. As he is flying, Silver opens the Pokégear. As he expected from Crystal, the Pokégear has the contacts they need. Silver calls Gold, who picks up the call. Gold tells he is fighting the entity called Arceus, to which Silver asks him to wait, as he is going to collect all the 16 plates.



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