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With a Little Help From Hitmonchan (VS エビワラー, VS Ebiwalar, VS Hitmonchan), subtitled Gathering of the Four Executives![Notes 1] (集合(しゅうごう)将軍(しょうぐん)!, Shyugou 4 Shougun!, The Four Generals Assemble!) and The Four Executives Together[Notes 2], is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 42.


As Crystal continues battling Ariana, the latter is visited by the other commanders of Team Rocket. As Proton and Petrel have finished their jobs, Archer shows that his mission to find Arceus is over: it descends down behind Crystal.

Chapter plot

Ariana's Murkrow uses Fly, to which Crystal's Monlee uses Bullet Punch to counter it. Ariana is surprised that Monlee jumped so high, and is a bit annoyed that Crystal showed off her strength all of a sudden. She belittles Crystal, claiming Silver has abandoned her. Crystal denies that, to which Ariana suspects that he took off with the plates, leaving Crystal to fight her off. Gloom attacks, but Archy stops the attack, as Crystal refuses to believe that. Ariana doesn't even care about the plates, stating that's Petrel's job, and she has her own. Ariana's Arbok wraps Bonee, causing it to fall down to the ground.

Ariana laughs, as one of Crystal's Pokémon has fallen. Murkrow bashes into Monlee, defeating it. Ariana laughs, stating Crystal could've won if she had that Rhyperior, and belittles her for lack of planning. It is why Ariana explains she is here to eliminate any threats to their mission. She describes Petrel's job is to find the plates, while Proton is finding the Sinjoh Ruins. She explains Archer's job is to find Arceus. Suddenly, Archer, who appears with Petrel and Proton, shushes Ariana, as it is not wise to give information to the enemy about their activities. Ariana states she shouldn't repeat someone else's mistakes, as she is referring to Petrel. Crystal glares at her opponents, and notes Archer must be the current leader of Team Rocket, who is intimidating Ariana.

Ariana asks why did they come, to which Petrel and Proton state their jobs are done for the moment. Petrel points out Ariana is the only one that hasn't finished her job, while Archer confirms that he has found Arceus. It is why he came here, to point out that is standing behind Crystal. She turns around, shocked to see the gigantic Pokémon. Archer comments that Arceus can be found on the end of a path that can seemingly reach the heavens, to a far away region. While Archer explains that such place can be hardly described with words, he does note Arceus will come down where the plates are gathering.

Crystal looks at Arceus, and while she has encountered many Legendary Pokémon in her life, she has a much different feeling to this one. Listening to Archer's words, Crystal notes that it doesn't belong to anyone. Xatu takes Crystal up, who kicks the Poké Ball to catch it, which surprises the Team Rocket commanders.



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