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This Gyarados was a Water/Flying-type Pokémon that James received as Magikarp on the S.S. Anne.


The Beginning series

Scammed, James tried to find the Magikarp Salesman to get back his money, but was unsuccessful in his search.

After the S.S. Anne sunk James tried to use Magikarp to get out. Unfortunately, Magikarp couldn't make it past the strong force of the water, and Team Rocket was sucked under the waves. Later, Ash's Pidgeotto was sent to find land, but instead found Team Rocket attached to Magikarp out at sea. When they got back to their raft, Team Rocket got up and stayed there with them.

That's it! Dinner is now served!

–Meowth about to eat Magikarp.

After being lost at sea without anything to eat or drink, Team Rocket, Ash, and Brock decided to eat Magikarp. But when Meowth tried to eat it, all his teeth got broken because, as Misty stated, Magikarp is nothing but scales and bones. After this, James angrily kicked Magikarp into the water saying that he doesn't want to be its master. Suddenly, Magikarp evolved into Gyarados and, along with four wild Gyarados, used Dragon Rage to create a tornado of water that blasted everyone to Pokémon Land.

Gold and Silver series

After they fell onto the Magikarp Salesman, James remembered the Salesman, who tricked him into buying Magikarp.

Known moves

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