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This Gyarados, nicknamed Gyara is a water/flying-type Pokémon owned by Red.


Gyara was a Team Rocket experiment and Leader Misty's Pokémon. Prior to Gyara's debut, Team Rocket stole him from the Cerulean Gym and experimented on him which created an uncontrollable temper. Eventually it either was released or escaped and Misty caught up to it on Route 3 and engaged it in battle but to no avail. Later Red and Saur showed up to help. Gyara was eventually recaptured by Red and returned to Misty. Under her cared, he mellowed out. Knowing that Red would have trouble crossing the sea, Misty and Gyara catch to him on Sea Route 19 just in time to save him from a wild Dragonite. Misty traded Gyara for Red's Krabby. Once on Seafoam Islands, Gyara regressed to an uncontrollable state due to its deep hatred for the Rockets. Red with the help of the rest of his party were able to calm him down. On Cinnabar Island, Team Rocket once again appeared but with the Moltres from Victory Road. Leader Blaine requested the use of Gyara from Red while Red used to the Resurrection chamber of his own Old Amber. During the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Gyara was traded to Blue for his Charizard and was traded back after the threat of Neo Team Rocket was removed.

Known moves

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  • He is Level 84 and has a Lonely Nature.[1]


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