This Scizor is a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Guzma.


Guzma sent Scizor to battle during the preliminary round of the Alola Pokémon League, which they passed. Scizor was shown defeating a Kommo-o.[1] Guzma sent Scizor to battle against Ilima and Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan avoided its Bullet Punch, and used Power-Up Punch to damage Scizor. The latter used Agility, to evade Kangaskhan's attacks. However, Ilima used his Key Stone to Mega Evolve his Kangaskhan. The two became faster than Scizor, and damaged it with Power-Up Punch. She used Rock Slide, to which Scizor used Agility to evade the rocks, but got hit by Low Kick. Mega Kangaskhan went to use another Power-Up Punch, but Scizor moved backwards to evade the attack, and Guzma saw a weakness in Mega Kangaskhan. Scizor evaded Kangaskhan's baby's Power-Up Punch, and dealt a blow on Kangaskhan with X-Scissor. Scizor repeated this combo until Kangaskhan fell down, defeated, and her child returned to her pouch.[2]

Guzma sent Scizor to battle against Ash and Torracat. Scizor used U-turn to switch places with Golisopod so it can battle Torracat instead. At one point, Golisopod cowardly switched places back with Scizor with its special ability, Emergency Exit. Torracat previously launched Fire Blast; Scizor was unable to dodge it and was defeated by the attack.[3] As Guzma's battle against Ash continued, Guzma remembered how his Scizor had battled Ilima's Kangaskhan and Ash's Torracat, but was defeated by the latter.[4]

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