This Exploud is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Guy.


Guy was a trainer, who had a Whismur. Whismur often cried, so Guy was there to support it. One day, Whismur evolved into a Loudred, pleasing Guy, since Loudred stopped crying, but Loudred became stubborn as well.

Guy's Loudred went rogue and started attacking the heroes, so Guy managed to subdue Loudred from causing more damage. Per Ash's request, Guy sent Loudred out to battle against Ash's Treecko. Loudred managed to take damage from Treecko's Quick Attack and used Stomp on it. Treecko retaliated with Bullet Seed, though Loudred emitted Supersonic, affecting Treecko. Loudred caused an Earthquake, but Treecko jumped, evading the attack, and hit Loudred with Pound. It was that moment when Loudred evolved into Exploud and Treecko into Grovyle. However, Exploud did not listen to Guy and took Grovyle's Leaf Blade attack, then retaliated with Hyper Voice. Exploud became even aggressive and started attacking the surroundings. Grovyle launched Bullet Seed on Exploud, who used another Earthquake. Grovyle attempted to use Quick Attack, but Exploud bashed it away, as Exploud ran away to a spring. When Team Rocket found Exploud, James fired some corks to plug Exploud's holes, then used a net to capture it. However, Exploud blew away the corks and blasted Team Rocket away. The heroes heard the noise and everyone went after Exploud. Grovyle found Exploud and started another battle. Exploud started with Stomp, but missed and got pounded. Exploud managed to affect Grovyle with Supersonic, who counterattacked with Bullet Seed. Exploud continued disobeying Guy and took Leaf Blade attack. Grovyle repeated its attack and as Exploud blocked the attack, it got hit by another Pound attack. Guy pointed out if Exploud wanted to win, it had to follow his orders, but Exploud did not listen. Team Rocket fired more corks, but Guy jumped and protected Exploud. After Team Rocket was blasted off by Exploud's Hyper Voice, the latter helped Guy stand up and started obeying him. Thus, Exploud continued its battle with Grovyle, as they clashed with each other.

Known moves

  • Using Stomp
  • Using Supersonic
  • Using Earthquake

  • Using Hyper Voice
  • Using Stomp
  • Using Earthquake


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