This Blaziken is a fire/fighting-type Pokémon owned by Gurkinn.


XY030 17

Blaziken dodging Korrina's Lucario using Power-Up Punch.

Blaziken first appeared when Korrina, her Lucario, Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie arrived at Geosenge Town's cave. It was seen to be protecting the Lucarionite in the cave from Team Rocket, blasting them off. Korrina and her Lucario challenged Blaziken to a battle. Lucario used Power-Up Punch, but Blaziken dodged the move and hit Lucario with Blaze Kick. Blaziken repeated the attack, but was distracted by Lucario's Metal Sound. Lucario tried to hit Blaziken with Power-Up Punch, but was knocked onto the cave wall by Blaziken's Flamethrower and got bashed even further. After being encouraged by Ash, Korrina encouraged her Lucario and Lucario then fought, despite the taken damage, fiercely against Blaziken. This time, Lucario used Power-Up Punch, hitting Blaziken and was able to stop it with Bone Rush. When Lucario decided to use the finishing attack, Gurkinn stopped the battle and recalled Blaziken after saying to Blaziken that it did a great job.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Blaze Kick
  • Using Flamethrower

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