This Hariyama is a Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Arena Tycoon Greta.


Hariyama first appeared to participate in a battle against Ash. It went up against his Grovyle. Grovyle charges with Quick Attack while Hariyama uses Arm Thrust to stop it. Grovyle dodged the attack and use Bullet Seed, but Hariyama blocked it with another Arm Thrust. It repeats its attack, but Grovyle avoided it and use Bullet Seed, but this time, Hariyama dodged it and grabs Grovyle to slam it on the ground and then hit it with Arm Thrust. Grovyle uses Quick Attack and while running at a fast speed, it avoided Hariyama's attack and use Leaf Blade to score a direct hit. Grovyle repeats its attack, but Hariyama uses Focus Punch, hitting the former and knocking it out.

It went up against Snorlax next. It starts out with Arm Thrust, but it has no effect due to Snorlax's Protect. Hariyama repeats its attack, but Snorlax evades it and uses Headbutt, hitting Hariyama. The former uses Focus Punch and it knocks Snorlax away, despite the latter using Protect. Hariyama repeats its attack, but Snorlax got away, which resulted in Hariyama's hand being hurt. It then got frozen and defeated by Snorlax's Ice Punch.

Known moves

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